Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kelsey's Christmas Present

Kelsey Opens Her New Our Generation Mini Doll

Our family tradition is to open gifts from one another on Christmas eve.  Kelsey has been waiting patiently to see what the package under the tree with her name on it is.  She hopes it is something fun!

Kelsey waits patiently to open her gift.  She is wearing a dress from the Espari line.
What could it be?  Is it a new outfit? Some shoes? a new toy?

Kelsey starts to rip open the wrapping paper.

Can't let the bow go to waste!

Almost there….what is it?

Oooo….a new doll!  Yea!

Look at my new doll!  She has red hair and freckles, just like me!

Oh…she is so cute!

I love her!

Thank you so much!  Kelsey plays with her new doll, very happy with her gift.
I hope that all of you have a great holiday season.  Be Merry…be thankful…and enjoy the people around you!  Happy Holidays!!!

Kelsey is wearing an outfit from the Espari line from Barnes and Noble.  Her new doll (Lana) is from the Our Generation line at Target.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Callie in the "Oh My Posh" Outfit

Journey Girl Callie Models a Polka Dotted Coat and Skirt

Callie is super cute in her jacket and skirt from Target’s Our Generation line.  The outfit “Oh My Posh”comes with a black skirt with dark pink and white polka dots, a matching jacket with big pink buttons, pink tights, black shiny shoes, and a pretty dark pink beret with a black bow on the front.  

Callie wearing the "Oh My Posh" outfit from Our Generation.
The jacket and skirt are made of a thicker wool like fabric that works really well for this outfit.  The inside of the jacket and skirt have a layer of satin fabric.  The fabric makes it a lot easier to get Callie’s arms in and out of the jacket.

Fabric on the inside of the jacket make it much easier to slip in and out of.
The skirt is really big on Callie, more than some of the other Our Generation outfits.  As you can see Callie can still wear the skirt.  The Velcro sticks to the skirt and can hold it up.  Since the jacket is longer it helps hide the fact that the skirt is loose. 

The skirt is very loose on Callie, but stays up because the Velcro can stick to the skirt.
When Callie wears the tights it also helps hold her skirt in place. I like the tights. They are a darker pink color, not quite maroon…but somewhere in between. The tights fit wonderfully on Callie.

The jacket is wonderful!  I love that the jacket is a little longer.  I like the big buttons on the front.  One of the great things about Our Generation outfits is that they do not all have Velcro; instead they use snaps, button or zippers.  I really like this about the Our Generation line.  It makes the clothes feel more authentic. 

Callie looks so cute in her outfit.
The beret fits Callie’s head well.  It can be pulled down so that it stays on her head as she moves.  I think the bow is a little big.  I’d like it to be a bit smaller.  Not bad though.

The shoes are the same old cloth shoes that every Our Generation outfit comes with.  I am glad that they aren’t the plastic ones (I hate those things).  These shoes are a little better, just because they are made with a stiffer shinny material.  I still can’t figure out why if the outfit comes with plastic shoes, they are huge on the Journey Girls, whereas the cloth shoes are tight! 

This is outfit is really cute…except for the shoes.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 8 – The outfit has some good potential. The jacket can be used on it's own.  The tights are great! The beret can be used with  other outfits.  As well as the dreaded shoes.  The skirt could..but the out fit would have to cover the top of the skirt so the overlap is not seen.  There is a lot to the outfit for the price.

Fitment 7 – The skirt is one of the loosest Our Generation items I have.  It is even loose on my American Girl doll.  The rest of the outfit fits well.  The jacket even has room to put a t-shirt on underneath.  The only other thing that does not fit so wellthe shoes!

Versatility 8 – As I mention abovealmost everything can be used with other outfits.  That is awesome!  The colors are very easy to match with other outfits.  It's an overall great outfit for versatility.  It is a coat thoughso no summer outfits.

Cuteness 9 – Oh I like this coat!  It's such wonderful colors.  I love polka dots!!!  Plus how can you not like the big buttons.  The outfit looks casual and sophisticated at the same time.  

Overall 8 – This is a very well made outfit that has many parts that are very versatile.  The colors are great.  The design is cute.  Just a great outfit.  I wish it had better shoes.  And I wish that the shirt wasn't so big.  Since all of the other Our Generation outfits I have bought have been closer to the Journey Girls size, I do wonder if this one is an oddity.  If you are looking for a nice coat for your Journey Girl this winter…this is a good choice.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kelsey Goes for a Bike Ride

Journey Girl Kelsey's Bike Ride

Kelsey loves to be outside every chance that she can get.  She loves being out in nature.  Often times she will go for walks to see all of the wonderful things around the neighborhood.  Today she decided to ride her new bike around.
Kelsey went for a bike ride on some of the trails near her home.

An easy bike ride is so relaxing!

Kelsey loves this trail, because it goes through a beautiful forested area.  She sees squirrels, all sorts of birds, and sometimes there are deer!

Even riding on the sidewalk around the block is fun.

Ring! ring! Kelsey rings her bell as she pedals past.
Kelsey is wearing her meet t-shirt (from the Paris line), a sweater from Our Generation, and she borrow her friend Kyla's pants.  She is riding an Our Generation bike (which is awesome!!!).