Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

The Journey Girls Want to Wish you all Happy Holidays!

The girls have been so excited for the holidays.  They have been getting ready for Christmas the last few weeks.  Dana was busy wrapping presents.  She can't wait to see Meredith's face when she open's this bowling set!

Kyla hangs the stockings above the fireplace.  She loves that Santa fills them with candy!

Chavonne sets up the train.  It will go around the Christmas tree, but for right now she plays with it on it's own.

Kelsey is in charge of the lights for the tree, but she is having a little bit of trouble.  She eventually gets untangled and strings the lights around the Christmas tree.

Meredith adds one last ornament to the tree, making sure it's in the perfect place.

Finally, Callie puts the star on the top. The tree is done and the girls are ready for Christmas!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.  Cherish your family and friends, hope for peace, and enjoy life!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Purple and White Journey Girls Dress

One of the New Italy Outfits

When Toys R Us came out with the new Journey Girls Italian line they also released 4 outfits.  One of the outfits that was released was this simple purple and white outfit.  The outfit comes with a light purple purse and matching shoes.  The outfit retails for around $17.99.  Is the outfit worth the money?

The dress outfit is one of the best made Journey Girls outfits on the market.  The cloth is thick and the whole things is very well made.  The outfit looks like it is two pieces, a white top and a purple star patterned skirt.  However it is actually one piece, layered to look like two.  The skirt has a purple geometric star pattern printed on a nice cotton cloth with a satin back to it.  Ending just above Kyla's knees, the skirt is a nice length when standing.  Because of the issues with the way the Journey Girls sit, the skirt is short when seated.

The top of this outfit is actually two layers.  The top visible layer is not actually attached to the skirt, rather it is attached to another layer of fabric, that is attached to the skirt.  The underneath layer of fabric is the same simple satin that is on the underneath of the skirt. It is sewn to the waistline of the skirt, as well as the side of the top layer, around the arms, and neckline.

The top layer is made of the same material with an intricate flowered lace on top, that makes it stiff and adds a beautiful pattern to the plain top.  The portrait neckline, the thick shoulder straps, along with the knee length skirt make this out fit a nice casual "work" style outfit.

The purse is a light lavender "leather", with a shape kind of like a duffle bag.  The straps are long enough that Kyla can carry the purse on her shoulder.  It opens, but there is nothing to keep it closed, no velcro to latch it together.  Still, a very nice purse.

The shoes match the lavender of the purse.  They are the same plastic dress flats that come with almost every dress.  Nice, but it would be great to see something new.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 7 – Although this dress is well made there is nothing else to the set.  The purse is great, but the shoes are the same old thing.  It would be nice to see something else come with the dress, or to see a lower price.  Still nice, and quality wise this is on par with an American Girl outfit.

Fitment 10– Fits perfectly as would be expected from a Journey Girls outfit.  

Versatility 6 – Like some of the other dresses in the Journey girls line this outfit does not have much versatility.  Although because of it's design it can be used for casual occasions to semi formal/ business occasions.  The shoes will go with many outfits as will the purse.

Cuteness 8 – The pattern on the skirt is really cute and the lace on the top is awesome.  The photos her can't show the detail and intricacy of it.  This is not the cutest outfit that Toys R Us has put out, but it is the cutest "casual" outfit.

Overall 8 – A great outfit! Cute and very well made.  This outfit is not as fancy as the "Celebrate" outfits and not as casual as the plaid outfit.  It has a place right in the middle.  The price is okay, actually it's a good price for the quality of the dress.  If this was sold by American Girl (it would have some better shoes) it would cost twice as much.  Still, look for it on sale for a great outfit.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Top 5 Journey Girls Picks for Christmas

2015's Journey Girl Must Haves

5 Journey Girls Scooter

Released at the end of last year/earlier this year, the scooter is a great accessory for the Journey Girls as they travel through Europe. Turn it on and it makes “real” scooter sounds. It also turns on the front and rear lights. The turn signals light up when you push the appropriate button, accompanied by a “click, click, click” sound. It would be nice if it was a little bit taller, but overall it’s a great little vehicle. The scooter comes with a helmet to keep your Journey Girl safe as she is on the road!

4 Journey Girls Outdoor Table Set

Although I personally had an issue with the table set, it is an awesome set.  The table is super sturdy and is a great size.  The girls can actually sit at the table and not be super crowded.  The chairs are very casual, with low backs.  Almost like a bench, rather than a chair.  The Journey Girls sit really well in them though.  The placemats, cups and cushions are nice little extras for this set.  A great, functional furniture set.

3 Journey Girls Accessory Packs

Toys R Us released two waves of accessory packs this year.  The first set has 4 different sets, mostly with shoes, scarves, sunglasses, and jewelry.  The second wave that hit stores in July, had 4 sets with clothing accessories and 4 with sports equipment, school supplies, and an umbrella.  It is wonderful to get some much needed food in these sets.  Hope that there will be more of these.

2 Journey Girls Outfits

In a normal year Toys R Us releases 12 to 16 outfits for the Journey Girls.  This year was amazing in that there were 22 outfits released just in July!!!  Not only were there a good amount of outfits released, but there was a wide range of styles.  The "Celebration" outfits are beautiful, elegant dresses.  There is a ballet outfit, a gymnast set, as well as a cheerleading outfit.  Three sleepers sets were released, that have wonderful, cute slippers.  Two of my favorite outfits are the beige sweater set and the blue plaid top.  Both of these sets are awesome!

1 Special Edition Journey Girls Giovanna

This years special edition doll hits the mark and is much more similar to Jordanna than Mikaella.  Giovanna dress is gorgeous with three layers and a chocker neckline. The crimson color offsets Giovanna's light blonde hair.   Giovanna comes with a faux fur shrug, a beautiful pearl and diamond bracelet, a silver clutch, and a masquerade mask.  She is also the first Journey Girl to come with pierced ears!  A wonderful doll for the 2015 special edition!

What is on your top 5 list for the Journey Girls?  What would you like to see next year?