Saturday, February 27, 2016

Journey Girls Tribal Dress

Kayla Tries on the New Tribal Dress

In the last few weeks Toys R Us released 6 new outfits in their Italy line.  The one being reviewed today is called “Tribal Dress-Yellow Color”.  Not a very fancy name for really unique dress.  The outfit comes with the dress, a new style of sandals, a cloth headband, and a purse.

Made completely of cotton, this dress is soft and airy.  The top is a thicker cotton with a tribal print, with aqua, pink, blue, black and a little orange in it.  The print ends at the midriff, like an empire waist.  

From there down to Kyla’s feet, light yellow cotton makes up the skirt.  The fabric is gathered just a bit around her waist, to help the dress billow out.  Be aware that bright colored underwear will show through this skirt since the fabric is so light.  The fabric is perfect for a summer outfit, though.

With such a warm and fun outfit, the accessories need to be fun too, and they are.  The purse that comes with this outfit is a raffia style bag, which would look right at home on the beach.  It has a navy blue cloth bottom, with the raffia making up the main part of the bag, and then two brown leather handles.  The handles could be just a bit longer to make it easier to keep on Kyla’s shoulders, but they work.  It’s a very cute bag that goes really well with this outfit.

The headband is similar to many of the other Journey Girls headband.  Made with a dark blue ribbon and elastic at the bottom, the headband stretches easily to fit on Kyla’s head.   At the top is a navy blue, cloth rose.  Similar to many other headbands, but a nice addition.

Usually the shoes are an issue with Journey Girls outfits, but this time the shoes are wonderful….and they are a new design.  The sandals are similar to the plastic sandals that Mikaella came with in her Italy meet dress, except with fewer straps and they are made with “leather”.  Okay, so maybe they aren’t similar.  

They are kind of a combination of the plastic sandals and the newer fabric topped sandals.  The biggest different between these and the other fabric topped sandals that have come out in the last year is that they are higher up on Kyla’s ankle, and they attach at the back with Velcro.  Very well designed, very pretty shoe! Good job Journey Girls!

All ratings are out of 10

Value 9 – You get three accessories, besides a beautiful dress, which is very good for Journey Girls.  Plus the accessories are nice.  The new sandals are wonderful and a welcome addition to the shoe collection.  Although similar to many other headbands in the Journey Girl collection, this one is a nice color and can be used with other outfits.  The raffia handbag is very cute.  A great bag for the beach.

Fitment 9 – The dress fits great.  It is fitted on the top and very free flowing and loose in the skirt.  Although not really a fitment issue, the semi translucentness of the dress is not awesome.  With so many of the new Journey Girls outfits they have sewn a secondary skirt into the dress, it would have been nice if that were added to this dress.  Honestly, this is a very small issue, and not an issue that will be noticed when playing with the doll.  For me photographing Kyla, certain lighting situations shown the issue.

Versatility 8 – Since this outfit has three good accessories that are able to be used for other outfits, it scores high in the versatility category.  The dress itself doesn’t have a lot of different uses, but that’s okay.  Because the sandals are a new design the score was almost a ten, just because it is so exciting to get a new set of shoes!

Cuteness 9 – What a cute outfit!  And so different than anything else Journey Girls has out.  It is awesome to have full-length dresses…and to have a casual full-length dress is just awesome.  Such a beautiful, simple dress!

Overall 9 – A wonderful dress, with many new ideas for Journey Girls.  Hopefully this outfit sells well and encourages Journey Girls and Toys R Us to be bold in some of their designs.  It is awesome to get a new style of shoe (even if it is semi similar to other sandals).  Kyla looks amazing in this outfit, as does Chavonne…okay; all of the girls look good in this outfit!  If you are also an American Girl fan and have Lea, the new Girl of the Year, this is a great outfit for your Journey Girls to hang out with Lea in!  Definitely pick it up!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Journey Girls Pool Party

When the Weather is Warm, It's good to cool down!

There's nothing better on a warm summer's day than relaxing in a cool pool!  Mikaella, Meredith, Callie, Kyla, and Alexis all come together to enjoy each others company and of course go swimming.

Meredith sits at the side of the pool, dangling her arms over the side, while kicking the beach ball back and forth between her legs.

"Come on Mikaela the water feels so good," she encourages.

"I'm not so sure," Mikaela responds as she stands at the side of the pool, trying to decide if she really wants to get all wet.

"You'll be fine, Mikaella," says Callie.  "You've got goggles on and a swim cap...dive in," she encourages as she sits in her chair, sipping on a soda.

"Or come sit up here with us," suggests Kyla.  "You can relax...maybe even get a little tan."

Mikaella smiles at Kyla, then looks back at the water.  "No...I'm jumping in,"  she announces as Alexis floats by on an inflatable pool lounger.

"If you don't want to get wet," Alexis says, "You can use the lounger."

"Thanks Alexis, but I'm okay justas I am."  Mikaella replies.

"Suit yourself,"  Alexis tell her.  "If you change your mind, let me know."  She drifts around the pool enjoying the sun.

"This is so nice!" comments Kyla.  "You couldn't ask for better weather."

"Definitely!" agrees Callie.  "it's just the right temperature to relax by the pool."

"Or float around in the pool!" adds Alexis.

She floats around the pool until she bumps into the edge and decides she wants to talk to Callie.

"You want to hit the beach ball around, Meredith?" Mikaella asks.


"I do," says Dana appearing out of nowhere.

"Dana."  Mikaella says.  "Where did you come from?"

Dana giggles a little and then replies, "I was in the house putting my bathing suit on.  Come on throw me the ball!"

Mikaella tosses her the ball and Dana hits it back to her.  They go back and forth, hitting and throwing the ball, splashing each other in the process.

Meredith scoots over to the side of the pool and sits on the edge, watching the two hit the ball back and forth and talking to Kyla every once in awhile.

Alexis and Callie gab about how glad they are that the weather is so nice.

As Dana and Mikaella play with the ball they get more and more wet, until finally...

SPLASH!  Mikaella jumps tummy first into the water.  "Ha! This is great!"

"Woo hoo!" hollers Dana as she jumps up and splashes down on her bottom in the water.  Her inflatable ring holding her above water.

"I love swimming!" Mikaella declares in a loud voice, making the other girls laugh.

"I don't know about swimming," Dana says, "but I do love being in the water."

"Me too," agrees Mikaella.  They swim and float around, splashing each other and screaming with joy.  They finally get tired of swimming and get out of the pool.

Since everyone is out of the pool, Callie and Kyla get out the pool loungers and float around on them.

Alexis takes the chance to relax under the umbrella in one of the  lounge chairs by the side of the pool.

"Oh..." Callie starts, "This is the life!"

"Couldn't agree more." replies Kyla.

Dana and Mikaella go inside to dry off a little more as Callie, Kyla, and Alexis all relax a little longer at the pool.  "This is a fun day." Meredith comments.  They all agree.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Journey Girls Go Camping (3)

S'mores and a Ghost Story

Kelsey, Mikaella, Jordanna, and Chavonne settle in around the fire as the sun finally goes down.  Kelsey passes out big, white, fluffy marshmallows out to all of the girls.  Mikaella pushes her marshmallow onto her stick and holds ii high over the fire, while Jordanna puts her's closer to the flame.  "I like mine a little burnt."  she says.

Chavonne shakes her head as she takes her marshmallow off her stick and puts it between her graham crackers and chocolate bar.  "You are a little strange Jordanna." she jokes.  Jordanna laughs, the others joining her, until they are all roaring with laughter.

"Hey."  Jordanna gets out between laughter.  "You guys want to hear a ghost story."

"Ahh...I don't know," responds Mikaella. "I get scared pretty easily."

"Oh this one is more funny than scary."  Jordanna assures her.

"I want to hear a ghost story," Kelsey interrupts.

Jordanna looks at Mikaella, "Alright...but it can't be scary."

"I promise it's not scary."  Jordanna reassures her.  "Well not really scary."  She says quietly before beginning her story.  "One stormy night a man driving down a dark windy road in his old van stopped at a small hotel on the side of the road to get out of the rain and spend the night.  The man shook his self off as he came in the door and asked the inn keeper for a room. "

"The inn keeper said 'The only room we have is haunted.'"
"The man replied, "Ah...I don't believe in that stuff.'  So the inn keeper gave him the keys to the room.  The man went upstairs, changed into his pajamas, and laid down on the bed, exhausted from a day of driving.  He turned off the lights and began to doze off."

"Suddenly a voice came from the closet...'Bloooody fiiingers. Bloooody fingers' the voice moaned."

Mikaella interrupts Jordanna, "I thought you said it wasn't scary."

"'s not that scary Mikaella,"  Kelsey says.  Mikaella groans a disapproval, but nods to Jordanna to continue.

"The man rolls over in his bed but ignores the voice.  Suddenly the voice gets louder 'Bloooody fingers!' it moan again.  The man puts the pillow over his head and ignores the voice.  The voice come back again, almost shouting, 'BLOOOODY  FIIIINGERS!  BLOODY FIINGERS!' Finally having enough the man sits up in bed and yells towards the closet "Well get a band-aid then!"  Jordanna laughs as she finishes the story.

Chavonne starts laughing, then Kelsey joins in.  Finally Mikaella nervously joins in.  The girls finish their s'mores as the campfire starts to die down.

"Aaargghhh," Jordanna yawns, stretching as she does.  "I think it is time for bed."  She declares.

"I agree!" says Chavonne, yawning also.

"I'm not sure I will be able to sleep after that story." Mikaella confesses.

Jordanna puts her arm around Mikaella's shoulders.  "How about I tell you a nice story in the tent, before we fall asleep?"  Mikaella nods.  Everyone gets up, grabs their flashlights and lanterns, while Kelsey puts the fire out.

Jordanna and Mikaella head off to their tent, Jordanna holding the lantern in front of her to see.  Mikaella follows behind her, cowering as she holds onto Jordanna's coat.

Once they are comfortably in their sleeping bags, Jordanna tell Mikaella a wonderful story about a princess and a far off world and a great adventure that happens there.  It calms Mikaella down, and as Jordanna ends the story, Mikaella has fallen asleep.

Meanwhile, Kelsey and Chavonne are figuring out who is going to sleep on the bed and who is going to sleep on the floor.

"I'll seep on the floor." says Chavonne.

"Nonsense.  You drove all the way up here.  You take the bed," Kelsey assures her.

So the girls all snuggle into their sleeping bags and start to fall asleep.  Kelsey looks through the window in the roof of the camper and is in awe of the vastness of the sky and the numerous stars dotting it.  As she thinks of how beautiful it is, she slowly drifts off to sleep.

The girls sleep soundly through the night, even Mikaella.  Getting well rested and ready for another adventure on another day!