Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Journey Girls Pool Party

When the Weather is Warm, It's good to cool down!

There's nothing better on a warm summer's day than relaxing in a cool pool!  Mikaella, Meredith, Callie, Kyla, and Alexis all come together to enjoy each others company and of course go swimming.

Meredith sits at the side of the pool, dangling her arms over the side, while kicking the beach ball back and forth between her legs.

"Come on Mikaela the water feels so good," she encourages.

"I'm not so sure," Mikaela responds as she stands at the side of the pool, trying to decide if she really wants to get all wet.

"You'll be fine, Mikaella," says Callie.  "You've got goggles on and a swim cap...dive in," she encourages as she sits in her chair, sipping on a soda.

"Or come sit up here with us," suggests Kyla.  "You can relax...maybe even get a little tan."

Mikaella smiles at Kyla, then looks back at the water.  "No...I'm jumping in,"  she announces as Alexis floats by on an inflatable pool lounger.

"If you don't want to get wet," Alexis says, "You can use the lounger."

"Thanks Alexis, but I'm okay justas I am."  Mikaella replies.

"Suit yourself,"  Alexis tell her.  "If you change your mind, let me know."  She drifts around the pool enjoying the sun.

"This is so nice!" comments Kyla.  "You couldn't ask for better weather."

"Definitely!" agrees Callie.  "it's just the right temperature to relax by the pool."

"Or float around in the pool!" adds Alexis.

She floats around the pool until she bumps into the edge and decides she wants to talk to Callie.

"You want to hit the beach ball around, Meredith?" Mikaella asks.


"I do," says Dana appearing out of nowhere.

"Dana."  Mikaella says.  "Where did you come from?"

Dana giggles a little and then replies, "I was in the house putting my bathing suit on.  Come on throw me the ball!"

Mikaella tosses her the ball and Dana hits it back to her.  They go back and forth, hitting and throwing the ball, splashing each other in the process.

Meredith scoots over to the side of the pool and sits on the edge, watching the two hit the ball back and forth and talking to Kyla every once in awhile.

Alexis and Callie gab about how glad they are that the weather is so nice.

As Dana and Mikaella play with the ball they get more and more wet, until finally...

SPLASH!  Mikaella jumps tummy first into the water.  "Ha! This is great!"

"Woo hoo!" hollers Dana as she jumps up and splashes down on her bottom in the water.  Her inflatable ring holding her above water.

"I love swimming!" Mikaella declares in a loud voice, making the other girls laugh.

"I don't know about swimming," Dana says, "but I do love being in the water."

"Me too," agrees Mikaella.  They swim and float around, splashing each other and screaming with joy.  They finally get tired of swimming and get out of the pool.

Since everyone is out of the pool, Callie and Kyla get out the pool loungers and float around on them.

Alexis takes the chance to relax under the umbrella in one of the  lounge chairs by the side of the pool.

"Oh..." Callie starts, "This is the life!"

"Couldn't agree more." replies Kyla.

Dana and Mikaella go inside to dry off a little more as Callie, Kyla, and Alexis all relax a little longer at the pool.  "This is a fun day." Meredith comments.  They all agree.


Anonymous said...

The girls look like they are having great fun around the pool! Your stories are just as cute as they can be! And you are an excellent photographer. I was especailly impressed with your nighttime photos around the campfire.

Sharon said...

These are great photos and certainly brightened up a chilly winters evening. I love how your girls are actually in the water too and all your great props and their colourful swimsuits! Really super little photo story!

Anonymous said...

Love, love the story! I agree that they brighten up a chilly winter day. Your photos are incredible! and, how stylish are the girls?! Your blog has been a bonding experience between my daughters, who are 5 and 7, and I. Can't wait to read this entry with them later today. :)

JGKelsey said...

Thanks so much Fawn. I love seeing your photos on Doll Diaries!

JGKelsey said...

Thanks Sharon. As much as I can I put the dolls in the real situations...which can sometimes be difficult, but is always fun!

JGKelsey said...

I hope your daughters enjoy the story. Keep an eye out for a story about Chavonne coming in March.

Elizabeth said...

Great photo story, and I love these dolls! Which brand is the doll called Alexis from? She is SOOO cute!