Saturday, February 6, 2016

Journey Girls Go Camping (2)

Trail Riding in Jeeps

The girls set off through the forest in their Jeeps.  The path winds through the woods.  Mikaella leads the way, driving her Jeep careful, but quickly.  Jordanna looks out at all of the scenery that passes by.

The trees are spaced out with large gaps of only undergrowth, but their huge canopy of leaves lets very little light shine down on the trail.  The trail has been covered with wood chips, giving it a wonderful surface to drive on, but the rest of the forest floor is a blanket of flowers, weeds and small trees.

"Whoa!" Jordanna says surprised as Mikaella drives over a hill and then starts down the other side.  "That made my stomach jump."

"I know." Mikaella agrees, her eyes wide with excitement, never wavering from the trail.  "Isn't this great!"

Jordanna gives her a little crooked smile, not sure if she is excited or nervous, or some of both.  Mikaella doesn't notice as she steers around a small log on the trail.  Jordanna looks back and sees Kelsey and Chavonne behind them, both with huge smiles on their faces,

Jordanna smiles as she sees the camp ahead of them.  She's not sure that off roading in the woods is exactly her cup of tea.  Chavonne and Kelsey pull up alongside Mikaella and Jordanna as the come in to camp.

"That was fun!" Chavonne announces as she gets out of the Jeep.

"It sure was," agrees Kelsey. "But now I am starving!"

"Well...let's get a fire started and roast some hotdogs." suggests Mikaella.  "I'll get some fire wood."

"I will too." volunteers Jordanna.  "I'll try to get some smaller sticks to help the fire start."

Mikaella and Jordanna start looking around the campsite for wood to use in the fire.  Kelsey gets a lantern, knowing it will be dark in a little while.  She then helps Chaconne bring out everything for dinner.

Jordanna brings an armload of sticks back to the fire pit, then sits down next to Chaconne.

Kelsey and Mikaella are in charge of roasting the hotdogs.  They are careful not to get too close to the fire with their hotdogs.  No one wants burnt hotdogs.

"Here you go." Mikaella says to Chavonne as she holds her roasting stick with a hotdog on it out to Chavonne.  Chavonne takes it off and puts it in a bun.

"There is nothing better than a hotdog roasted over a fire!"  She says as she takes a huge bite out of hers.  "Mmmmm."

The others giggle at her.  Kelsey gives the hot dog she has been roasting to Jordanna, then her and Mikaella roast hotdogs for themselves.

"Oh...these look good!" Kelsey says taking her hotdog out of the fire.

"Yeah.  But they taste better."  Mikaella jokes.  This makes the girls giggle again.  The girls finish eating their hotdogs as the sun goes down and the stars come out.

"Who want's s'mores?" asks Jordanna excitedly.

Check back for the last part of the girls camping trip!


Elizabeth G. said...

Great job! I love your photo stories, and you're great at photography. Can you give us some tips on photographing dolls?

Thanks :)

Canadian Doll Notebook said...

This is so fun. My daughters and I are going to try to write a story now :)