Friday, January 29, 2016

The Girls Go Camping

A Journey Girls Camping Trip

"I am so excited for our girls night camping trip" Kelsey tells Chavonne as they drive to their camp site with Mikaella and Jordanna following behind them.  

Chavonne turns off of the road, the Jeep bouncing from side to side with the weight of the trailer making the swaying even worse.  

Mikaella follows behind, glad that she brought a tent rather than a camper.  They drive on the grassy trail until Kelsey hollers, "Look, there is a great spot for us to camp."

"That is an awesome spot, Kelsey." Chavonne agrees.  Jordan and Mikaella pull up next to them on the grass.  "Hey, what do you think of that spot up there at the top of the hill," Chaconne yells to the other Jeep.

 Mikaella turns to Jordanna, who nods her approval.  Mikaella hollers back, "Looks great.  Let's set up camp...I am starving!"  Chavonne drives to the top of the hill, parking the camper in a level area of the field.  Mikaella pulls up right behind her.

As Kelsey gets out of the Jeep and stretches, Jordanna begins unpacking the tent she and Mikaella will share.  "You guys need any help wit that?" asks Kelsey.

"No."  Jordan replies lifting the tent out as she does.  "We can set it up on our own.  Plus don't you have to get the camper ready?"

"Probably.  I'm a little nervous to open the doors after that bumpy ride"  Kelsey smiles, walking to the side of the camper to start unpacking and cleaning up.

Jordan tosses the tent on the ground, while Mikaella takes the sleeping bags from the Jeep.

"Well," Jordanna sighs, "Let's get started."  She loves sleeping in a tent when she camps, but she is not as excited to set it up.  "Does this go over here, do you think?" She asks Mikaella as she pulls one of the tent poles towards another one.

"I sure hope so."  Mikaella giggles, "Otherwise we will be sleeping under the sky tonight."

"There.  Done!" Jordan excitedly proclaims as she opens the entrance doors.  "I am so glad you are with me. Uh...I would not have done well with this myself."  Mikaella giggles and starts putting their sleeping bags and bags in the tent.

Meanwhile, Kelsey has opened the camper to see if anything has moved out of place and to get it ready for the night.  She is surprised to see that nothing has moved.

Kelsey is still inspecting the camper when Chavonne, who was parking the Jeep, hollers, "Come here you guys.  Looks there is an awesome trial over here we could drive the Jeeps down."   Jordan, Mikaella, and Kelsey come over to see what Chavonne is talking about.

"What do you think?" she asks.

"Let's do it" Jordanna says.

"Totally," agrees Kelsey.

"Looks like tons of fun!" Mikaella exclaims clapping her hands together rapidly as she does.  They get back into the Jeeps and head off for a short adventure!

Check back later to see what else the girls do on their camping trip!


Farrah Lily said...

Awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing more of this camping and RV gear up close! :)

Sharon said...

You have some great props and some very pretty girls enjoying them.
I look forward to seeing the rest of their adventures!

Sunny said...

I have to say, I am always blown away by your photography! :) Your girls are so pretty, especially Mikaella. I wish they still sold the brunette version of her. :(
I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next! :D

Canadian Doll Notebook said...

Too cute!

Sarah Boucher said...

does this mean you're watching be my valentine charlie brown with tees that have snoopy holding a candle on it?