Monday, January 25, 2016

Journey Girls Polka Dot Sweater Set

Callie Tries On the Polka Dot Sweater Set

Some of the best outfits are the ones that can be used in many different ways.  An elegant flowing dress is beautiful, but is not super useful in an everyday setting.  Journey Girls does a great job of giving their fans a variety of outfits, including practical outfits like this one.

The Polka Dot Sweater set comes with burnt red pants, a place shirt, a polka dotted sweater, a tan leather purse, and the infamous black slit boots.  This set has a lot to it compared to some of the Celebrate outfits that were released in September along with this outfit.

The pants are pretty standard, except that the color, which is a dark red color.  The material is a nice heavy cotton jean like fabric  There is stitching to make it look like there are pockets in the front of the pants, but there is no opening.  The pants have a liner (which seems to be standard on dark colors now) on the inside.  This is usually a very nice feature, but on these pants it makes them tight, even though on the outside they are not.   They are just big enough to go over the boots, which makes them look better since you can't notice the huge slit up the back.  Cute pants.

The first layer on top is the flannel shirt.  It has beautiful greens, blues and whites in it, similar to the blue plaid top (kind of).  It's made out of a linen type of cotton, not flannel.  The shirt has a wide collar.  It velcros up the front, which is nice, but it would have been awesome to have buttons.  The sleeves are long if they are rolled down. There is a slit about an inch long that makes it so that you can easily flip the sleeves up, forming a cuff.  This looks great , especially when the sweater is on also.  The great thing about the flannel shirt is that it can be worn on it's own an it looks great.

The sweater is a nice soft black stitched material with white polka dots covering it.  It has a wide arcing neckline to show off the flannel shirt below it.  Even without the flannel though the neckline is high enough to look good on Callie.  The sleeves are a little short to show off the flannel cuffs.  Again, even without the flannel, the sweater looks good.  There is mesh white fabric on the inside of the sweater to help discourage color transfer.  The sweater velcro up the back.

With the great tops there has to be something that isn't awesome (well besides the shoes).  The bag is the simplest part of this outfit.  The color and material is wonderful.  It is a nice tan "leather" material.  It is very boring though.  It's a square purse with two handles.  Nothing much.  It does open, which is nice, and it fits on Callie's shoulder well.  So it's not the worse thing in the world.  It could be better though.

Are these boots from another set?  They could be.  You wouldn't be able to tell, because they are exactly like every other set of boots.  They do look really nice when they are covered with the pants, the boots are okay!

All ratings are out of 10

Value 9 – With two tops included this is a great outfit for the price.  Plus it comes with a purse, not an awesome purse, but a functional purse.  And even the boots are okay with this outfit.

Fitment 9 – The pants are tight.  Everything else fits great.  As with other Journey Girls items, each set can be different.  Meaning the set that you pick up may have pants that fit wonderfully.

Versatility 9 – Lots of possibilities here.  The shirt and sweater will go with so many different outfits.  Add jeans to the flannel top and get a very casual outfit.  Add a skirt to the sweater and you get a fancier outfit.  Even the boots can be used with other outfits...but you won't have to because they already have these boots.

Cuteness 8 – This is a cute outfit.  It is one that grows on you the more you have it.  It just isn't a stand out beauty.  The colors are great together and it has a great design.

Overall 9 – A very good quality outfit with a lot of options because of all the pieces to it.  It's awesome to have two separate tops instead of sewn in cuffs and a collar.  The outfit actual has three different outfits.  The colors on the outfit are wonderful together.  Even though the purse isn't amazing, it does open, is functional, and the color is perfect for the outfit.  She boots work well with this outfit, even though you already have them from another set.  Overall I wonderful set.


Farrah Lily said...

This is a very nice outfit! One of my favorites so far. Thanks for sharing it in more detail. :)

Sharon said...

I like this one too, it's very nice and as you've said, having lots of pieces can be used in a variety of ways.
I wish these outfits were available in our Toys R Us, though I cannot complain because I've just found out that they are now stocking the Journey Girls again, so I have been able to get Michaela and Merridith....but only one outfit, and that is an old one, the beige mackintosh with leggings, white tee shirt and flowered boots.

Sharon said...

Sorry, spelt Mikaella wrong...hope that's now correct!

JGKelsey said...

Thanks Farrah Lily! Toys R Us did a good job with this release of outfits. Some great ones to choose from...and this is definitely one of them.

JGKelsey said...

Sharon, glad your Toys R Us is finally getting the Journey Girls back in stock. I have 5 TRUs within 30 miles of me and some have great stock and others have nothing. Glad you found Mikaella and Meredith. Maybe soon they will have more.

Canadian Doll Notebook said...

I found your blog when I was doing research for my blog post on Journey Girls. You know a lot about these dolls! Would you mind if I referenced you in my post? If so would you rather me direct them to your blog or your Facebook page?

JGKelsey said...

You can definitely reference me. The blog is a little easier to find things on I think. So that might be best. Glad you found the site!


Canadian Doll Notebook said...

Thanks JGKelsey, our post will be out in two weeks. I think that you have a lot of knowledge about JG dolls that we Canadians could use. Also I would like to thank you stopping by and checking out our blog, you sure know your doll stuff :)