Sunday, January 17, 2016

Skate Park Fun

Meredith, Callie, and Dana Hit the Skate Park

"Come on you two!"  Callie hollered as she skates towards the skate park. 

"We're coming."  Meredith says as she turns to Dana, "she is super excited to try out that new board." Dana just smiles as they catch up to Callie.  The park is completely empty this early in the day.  That's great, this way no one will see them wipe out as they try some new tricks.

"Before we skate, let's take a picture." Dana suggests.

"Great idea." Callie grabs her board as do Dana and Meredith.  They pose before rushing off to try the park out.

They all run to the top of the halfpipe.  Callie edges her skateboard towards the lip of the halfpipe.  She looks down, butterflies in her stomach, then pushes over the lip and sails down.  "Wahoo!" she yells as the wind whips her pig tails back.

Dana dives in next, curving her skate board over to an edge so that she can grind it.

She slides across the edge on the front truck of the board, balancing delicately all the way down the edge.

"Nice job!" yells Meredith from atop the halfpipe.  She patiently waits for Dana to be out of the way so she can go down.  She wants to get some awesome speed to try a few really cool tricks.

Once Dana is done with her grind, Meredith pushes her board over the lip, flying down the halfpipe.

She picks up speed as she hits the bottom of the halfpipe and starts out on the flat part of the park.  She pumps with her foot, trying to get even more speed.  She ollie's her board high enough to get up on the bench and then rides it to the end.

In the meantime, Dana is across the park, where she has found a great hand rail to practice her board slide.  She ollie's onto the handrail, landing the skateboard right in the middle so the bottom of the board is on the rail.  She slides down the whole rail, waving her arms to keep her balance.  She has a little trouble on the landing, but doesn't wipe out.

Callie isn't a great grinder like Dana.  And she can't do awesome tricks like Meredith.  But she is really good at jumps.  She heads to the largest jump in the park.  As Dana and Meredith look on Callie hits the jump...

..and lands perfectly.  She raises her hands in the air.  "Yay!"  She screams.  The other two girls join her.

"That was totally sweet!" Dana yells.  She skates off to another ledge to practice board slides again.

The ledge is easier to slide on then the hand rail, because it is a little easier to balance on.  But not by much.  She rides the edge and then ollie's off of it, landing goofy footed.

"Hey," Meredith called, "Come over here and watch this."  Dana and Callie skated over to the halfpipe with Meredith.  "You two stay at the top.  I'm going to go to the other side and then do my trick in front of you."

"Be careful." cautions Callie.  But Meredith is halfway across the park picking up speed as she goes.  She races up the halfpipe on the other side, then comes cruising towards Dana and Callie.  They step back from the edge, not sure what Meredith is going to do.  

As she gets to the top of halfpipe Dan and Callie are on, Meredith plants her hand on the edge of the pipe and kicks her skateboard up above her head.  Callie and Dana looked on, eyes wide as Meredith pulls off an amazing hand plant.

Meredith lands,  rolls down to the bottom of the pipe, and jumps off her board in celebration.

"OH...MY...GOSH!"  Callie shrieks as she runs down the halfpipe.  "That was totally crazy!!!"

"Super cool!" Dana agrees.

Meredith is all smiles as she cries at the top of her lungs, "YAAAAAY!!!"   The three girls hug and then sit down, talking about all of the amazing tricks and moves the tried today.

"It was a great day at the skate park."  declares Callie.  The other two girls agree.

Callie is wearing the skateboarding outfit from American Girl from 2014.

Dana is grinding in an Our Generation top and shorts.  She is porting some awesome Springfield sneakers, and her board is from Our Generation.

Meredith is shredding it in an Our Generation shirt, Journey Girls shorts, Our Generation shoes, and her board is an awesome Dollar Store find.

Make sure whenever you skateboard you wear the proper safety gear.  Dolls don't bruise, but you will.  :)


Farrah Lily said...

Wow, great photos!! You did such an awesome job with posing, editing and creative angles. Loved the post. :)

Sharon said...

These photos are really great, you posed them all so well and with such confidence....I also love you've dressed the girls, they looks so trendy and cool!
I like Callie, I need to go and read more about which girl she is here on your blog.

Zen Dolls said...

I love this story. The pictures are excellent. :)

Anonymous said...

How cute are these dolls?! You have encouraged me to get a Journey Girl for my daughter. Love the story. I also love that you put the source of their outfits - it is really helpful information. Please continue doing this with your posts. :)

JGKelsey said...

Thanks! It was lots of fun! :)

JGKelsey said...

Callie is awesome. The doll in this post is 3 years old, so she came with bangs. The newer Callie does not. Callie is the fashionista of the group (according to TRU).

Heather Cuoio said...

Loved this post. You're a great photographer!