Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dana's new Journey Girl Outfit

Mid-Season London Outfit

I was glad to see that Toys R Us released a mid season wave of outfits.  I am reviewing one of the outfits today.  It is an everyday outfit with orange-red pants, knee high black boots, a baby blue, white polka dotted sleeveless shirt, and a brown sweater.  The outfit is a great fall outfit.

Journey Girls mid-season London line has some great casual outfits.
As soon as I bought this outfit I washed it.  I was not going to take any chances with color transfer from the orange-red pants.  I really like the colors of this outfit.  They are different, which is nice.  I also like that the outfit is not for something specific.   The original London outfit line had a lot of clothes for specific things.  For instance there was a riding outfit, a swimsuit, a soccer outfit, a school outfit, etc.  This outfit is more general and can be used for many things.

Dana in her new outfit.

The pants are great.  They are made out of a stiff cotton fabric.  The have elastic at the top.  There are not pockets, but that is fine since the Journey Girls can’t bend their arms to put their hands in pockets anyways.  The blue shirt has buttons on the front, but actually uses Velcro to secure.  I like the collar on the shirt, especially when the sweater is on.  I also like that the shirt goes below the waistline so that it pokes out of the sweater.  It’s nice to have such a great shirt in the set, since it can be used on it’s own as well.  

Why does the Velcro only go 3/4 of the way down Dana's back?
The sweater is really more of a jersey fabric sweatshirt, but it is made to look like a sweater…so that is what we are going to call it.  The sweater has a looser neckline so that the shirts collar can poke out the top of it. It Velcro’s in the back, but not all the way down.  It’s too bad that they didn’t make it Velcro all the way down the back…it makes it look unfinished.  Other than that the sweater it nice.  It’s well made, is big enough to fit over the shirt with no problems, but doesn’t look gigantic on Dana.

Ughh!  Seriously with the boots?  I love the look from the front…and they are pretty easy to get on and off, but they are horrible looking from the back!
The boots are fine.  Nothing fancy… just the normal knee high boots that the outfits come with.  I’ve mentioned before that I really hate the slit back boots.  They look stupid from the back.  I understand the functionality of them (which is very good), but they just look cheap that way.  I love that American Girl boots have some sort of strap to close them up.  Of course the Journey Girl outfits are half as much as many of the American Girl outfits.

Dana looks great without the sweater on also.
I think that this is a great casual outfit.  It fits Dana and Kelsey’s persona perfectly as the girls that want to get outside and explore or help animals.  The colors are a nice change and versatility of the outfit is awesome.  I would wait for it to go on sale, but I would definitely pick this outfit up.

The whole outfit.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 7 – The outfit has a lot of versatility because of all of the components that it is made of.  The quality is good, but not as great as the green dress.  Plus I wish it had a headband or clip or something for Dana’s hair.

Fitment 9 – Great fitment.  I think the sweater could have been a little better.  But it’s not bad at all.

Versatility 9  This outfit has so many pieces to it that can all be used for other outfits.  It’s great when the main components of the outfit are versatile, not just the accessories.

Cuteness 7 – I like this outfit as a nice casual outfit.  It’s a great going to school outfit, playing outside, being active type of outfit.  The blue top is very cute.  I like the colors of the pants and the top.  It’s just not one of the cutest outfits I have.  Practical, not necessarily cute.

Overall 8  It’s not stunning like the teal Celebration outfit, or out of your mind cute like the pink polka dot dress, but it is super functional.  And it’s kind of cute.  This is a good outfit for Kelsey and Dana as the active girls.  I can see either of them wearing this outfit as they save animals or go on a hike.  Any of the girls would look great in this outfit.


Farrah Lily said...

Really nice review. I saw this outfit online and found it really tempting! I had Meredith and this outfit in the cart, before I decided on getting an OG doll I saw at Target, which hadn't been available online or in store for months (and we all know you have to scoop up OG stuff when you see it or it could be gone forever, lol.) I think this outfit would pretty much look cute on all of the JG girls. But you're still right bout the cheapo boots!

JGKelsey said...

I've made the mistake of not grabbing an OG item when I see it…never again. Anytime I see an item I get it. I figure it's easier to return it than try to find it again.

You're right the outfit looks good on all of the dolls. It looks great on Meredith too…with her big blue eyes. And yeah…why are the boots so cheap? :(

Emma said...

Such a cute outfit!!:)

Ginger Spice said...

I love the outfit! But that is weird with the boots, how they have the big slit in the back... But other than that, I think it's a really fun outfit.