Saturday, August 20, 2016

A New Outfit For Dana

Review of New York Dana's Outfit

Like Mikaella, Dana is a rerelease with no changes to the doll herself.  Her outfit though is comepletely new.  

Dana comes with a navy blue pleated, knee length skirt, a plaid long sleeve shirt, a t-shirt, a sweater shawl/poncho, a light blue purse, white undies, some plastic boots, and socks.  There is a lot to this outfit, but is it worth buying the doll for the outfit?

One of the first things you notice about this outfit is the shawl.  It is a nice off-white knit shawl, with fringe along the entire edge.  There is a collar around the top of the shawl, opposite the fringe, that folds over.  The shawl is held on with a small piece of Velcro on the right corner of the shawl, with the opposite Velcro piece being by Dana’s heart.  Loose enough to allow Dana’s arms to move, but tight enough to stay on, the shawl is a great fit on Dana.

Take the shawl off and the next layer of the outfit can be seen.  Dan is wearing a long sleeve plaid, flannel shirt.  The shirt is mainly blue, but has thick red stripes and thin white stripes, running a checked pattern around the shirt.  

Cuffs at the ends of the sleeves and a nice collar make this shirt a stand alone outfit piece.  One thing that is missing is buttons.  The shirt Velcros up the front, but has no buttons, even for decoration.  There is a white fabric liner indies the shirt, probably to deter color transfer.

Underneath the flannel shirt there is a simple white tank top. In years past, the tank top would not have been part of the outfit. 

It would have come with just the flannel shirt.  It is nice to see that the out fits are getting more layers.  The tank top velcro up the back.

Dana's knee length  navy colored skirt, matches the flannel top.  There are two deep pleats on either side of the center of the skirt, with three silver embellishment buttons following the pleats down from the top of the skirt. 

The pleat also helps to fan the dress out when Dana sits.  There is a thin blue tule under layer to the dress, which is again probably there to help with color transfer.

The boots are similar to some of the other mid calf boots that have been released by Journey Girls over the years.  There is a small slit up the back to help get the boots on.  

An added bonus is the blue socks that come with this outfit.  Nothing spectacular, they are still a great addition.  Made of a stretchy material, the blue socks are very easy to get on, and make putting Dana's boots on easier.  

Because color transfer has been an issue there are white socks underneath the blue ones.  If they just made the clothes so they didn't stain the vinyl, there wouldn't be a need for these.

It's also nice to have the new dolls coming with underwear.  The underwear could be a bit nicer (even Our Generation underwear is nicer than these).  These undies feel like an afterthought and don't fit all that well.  Still nice to have them.

The purse is a small light blue "leather" material.  It has a flap with velcro on the front, so it can stay shut.  The strap is shoulder length.  There is a little tassel on the side.  Cute and simple, the purse is made well and is a great little piece.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 9 – It is amazing all of the pieces that you get wit this outfit.  The shoes are not perfect, and the quality of the socks and underwear are not the same high quality as the rest of the outfit, but this is still an amazing outfit.

Fitment 9 –  Everything here fits great, which is to be expected.  The flannel shirt can sit funny on Dana at times.  Maybe the neckline is just too big.  Not sure.  Still fits fine though.

Versatility 10 – There are so many pieces to this outfit.  Three tops that can be easily use with many different outfits, a skirt that is beautiful, but easily interchangeable, socks and shoes that are wonderfully universal.  Great versatility in this outfit.

Cuteness 9 –  When the first photos of the new Journey Girls came out, I knew that Dana was going to have to be purchased because of this outfit.  It is a great style.  I love the skirt, compared to a pair of pants.  Very cute and fashionable.

Overall 9 – What a great outfit.  Even if the only way to get this outfit is by purchasing the doll, it's still worth it.  Wait for a sale.  I got mine for about $26.  There are some things that can be improved on.  Don't use Velcro on sweater material.  The boots could be nicer.  Love to see better underwear.  But really, those are all minor issues.  the quality of this outfit is really good.  Better than most of the Journey Girls outfits.  If you see Dana on sale, pick her up.  The outfit alone is worth the money!

AG Note - As awesome as this outfit is for Journey Girls, it is that bad for American Girls.  There are three things that fit from this outfit; the tank top (barely), the poncho, and the socks.

None of the other things really fit.  If you have read any of my other reviews you know that the Journey Girls shoes do not come close to fitting American Girl dolls.  So it's no surprise that Lea is barefoot.  What is surprising is that the flannel shirt does not fit her.  The arms are just too tight.

Her right hand especially could nat make it through the sleeve.  I am sure that with much more tugging I could get it, but then it would be so tight, poor Lea would not be able to move her arm.  The skirt barely fits over Lea's butt, and that only happens with some squishing of said butt.

There is no way that you are going to get that velcro closed.  I would not suggest buying this outfit (doll) to put it on your AG doll.  Unless you just want a white tank top really bad, and a poncho with some blue socks.


Anonymous said...

Dana and her outfits are very nice.

Anonymous said...

I love the outfit especially the shawl and plaid shirt.

Anonymous said...

I like the Journey girl dolls. Dana is a cutie and the clothes are first class.

Nonna @ mommysdollclub said...

I love the skirt and boots but Dana is still my least favorite JG. Thanks for the review!

Ruby said...

Wonderful review, as always!

Anonymous said...

Hello, from Germany i send you a big, big thank you for your reviews.
I love the JGs, but here at TRU we haven`t as nearly as much selection as you in the US have (you lucky ones)
But the Dana of your review, will be in german TRU, too. I can`t wait to get my hands on her, she wasn`t available here for rather long.
THX so much again for your site, and the really helpful reviews!
From the new JG Double, only the blonde with the extra bubble dress is available here.
Keep up the helpful work!!
Regards from Anna:)

beauty of creating said...

I recently ordered Dana and received this edition. I was do disappointed that Toys R Us did not send me the purse with the doll or the passport/travel info. It was simply a doll fastened into a box. The only option was to exchange the doll, since they could not send out a purse. It is a weird production they have over there at Toys R Us. I was told that I would receive a $10 credit, but that turned into a $3 credit instead. I am the owner of a Chavonne who's body is not symmetrical--her right limbs are thicker than the left. After realizing this after over a year, I immediately viewed the contents of Dana.