Saturday, October 15, 2016

Journey Girls Celebration Chiffon Dress

Alana In a Beautiful Celebration Outfit

A favorite part of the Journey Girls collection is the “Celebration” outfits, which come out each year before the holidays.  This year three outfits were released including the red outfit that we are going to review today. The outfit comes with the dress, a pair of sandals, and a purse.

The dress is always the main part of the Celebration outfits, usually made of higher quality materials than the regular Journey Girls. This dress has a red chiffon overlay on the top and on the bottom. The red chiffon is tied in a knot at the middle of the halter neckline. 

There is silver braided string that wraps around Alana’s neck and has a piece of Velcro in the back to hold it secure. 

The gathered chiffon flows from the knot, to the side of the dress right underneath the arms where it is sewn into the  side seam.  The chiffon that makes up the skirt is sewn into an inverted V shape right below Alana's breast plate.  Around the waist of the skirt there is more chiffon that is sewn into two wing like pieces of fabric. 

The chiffon wings start about an inch in from Alana’s side and wrap all the way around the back to the center. They curve down from the front all the way to the back so that the back is almost the full length of the dress. Underneath these wings is another layer of chiffon that stays right with the dress. Under that layer is a layer satin fabric that is just a plain straight satin dress.

The sandals that come with this outfit are almost identical to the ones that come with the pink outfit, the only difference is the color. The sandals are black with black sparkly straps across the toes and around the ankle. It is nice to have black sandals rather than red sandals, especially since the black will go with a lot of other outfits.

A cute little black hand purse accompanies the dress.  It is made of satin material, with a bow at the top. A piece of silver, glitter ribbon is wrapped around the middle of the bow.  Although Alana has no trouble holding the purse in her hand, there is a silver braided rope loop that can be wrapped around her wrist also.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 7 – Similar to the pink dress, this is more of a simple dress then some of the Celebrate outfits we have seen in the past, however it is still a very nice dress.  Again, would like to see different shoes, but these aren’t bad.

Fitment 10 - Dress fits beautifully.  As do the sandals.  Each time I look at this dress, I think that the knot is just a little off to the side.  Even when I move the dress, it still looks off.  I think it’s just my eyes.

Versatility 5 - The shoes and purse can be used with other outfits.  The dress can not.  Adding a sweater can change the feel of the outfit, but the dress is still a formal dress.

Cuteness 8 - The style of this dress looks more mature than the pink Celebrate dress.  It is still a cute dress.  Love the wings on the side of the dress that add another layer.

Overall 8 -  Not blown away by this outfit, but I’m not disappointed by it either.  I feel like the dress is a nice dress, that is made well, just wish for a little more.  The Celebration outfits are so beautiful and are meant to be formalwear…then go all out.  This would be an amazing dress if it was floor length and had a small train.  Still the outfit is beautiful and the shoes are nice.

AG note- The purse is the only thing that fits on an AG doll, and even that is difficult to get on her wrist.  

The dress will stay on and can be Velcroed, but just at the very top.  

And your doll will not be able to sit…ever!  The silver rope just fits around Annie’s neck. 

The whole outfit looks uncomfortably tight.  This one is only for Journey Girls!


Anonymous said...

Hello Kelsey, again, such lovely pictures and setting.
Love the Alana Doll ( I have her, too), in the red dress, but I consider the black sandals as way too harsh with the lovely dress. (Sometimes I really wonder who selects the shoes for the outfits at Geoffrey). I would love silver shoes, and a silver purse with this dress. I really think about buying the light blue Celebration dress, which is in a nice tea dress length. - Off topic:
I wish they`d put separates on the market (two sweaters, two pants or tops, for example), for more versatility. There is no fahion pack around that includes a warmer Jacket (I love to dress the dolls according to season), and there was only once a shoe pack available (I think you get the point). Like the Barbie mix and match packs.
I would buy "small" fashion packs like that. But They do it fine with the accessories packs, maybe separates will follow one day.
Again, thx for your work and energy here, keep it going for the girls!
Kind regards from Germany, Anna!

Anonymous said...

Alana is beautiful. i like the outfit.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for this fine review. Alana is a beauty. Red becomes her.

Anonymous said...

The outfit is very pretty. Alana is so pretty.

Lydia Louise said...

Amazing dress! I love the colour! Though I like the back sandals I didn't think they suited the dress as much.. But at least they can be used with other outfits! Great review!
Lydia's Dolls @

Anonymous said...

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JGKelsey said...

Anna, I go back and forth with the shoes. I like the difference sometimes, but other times would like a color that compliments the red better.

It expound be awesome to have more outfits for the Journey Girls, especially separates! I have had to buy other companies jackets. It's strange on the back of the new two pack there is a photo of Kelsey with a purple puffy jacket. I hope that JG decides to release it.

Thanks for reading the blog!!!

JGKelsey said...

Lydia, I agree with you. Different shoes would make the outfit better. My concern would be that TRU would us the normal little plastic ones. Time to make some new shoes TRU!