Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sk8ter Girl

Our Generation's Skateboard Set

This is the second skateboard set that I know of from Our Generation.  “That’s How I Roll” was released a couple of years back as a regular set.  It had a grunge feel to the outfit.  “Fashion on Board”, the new set is more mainstream and is also sold as a Deluxe Fashion pack, costing around $17.99.  The new set comes with the skateboard (of course), a two toned hoodie, leopard printed pants, skate shoes, and over the ear headphones.  Is the set worth the $17.99 asking price, or is it better to let this set skate on by?  Let’s find out.

Made of thick jersey fabric, the two toned hoodie is well made.  The long sleaves are white with a white and gray striped elastic cuff around the wrists.  A subtle purple/gray color makes up the body and hood of the hoodie.

Along the bottom of it, the same gray and white elastic cinch the hoodie tight on Ella’s waist.  A small functioning zipper runs up the front of the hoodie.  The fit is perfect!

Even with a t-shirt (not included…because I wear my hoodie without a shirt under it) underneath there was no issue getting the hoodie on.

Ella’s short hair cut made it a cinch to put the hood up, but dolls with longer hair will have a big lump at the back.

In many of the Our Generation sets recently released the pants are more leggings (a stretchy material) rather than actual pants.  This is not the case with the one included in this set.

Made of a thick, almost jean like material, these gray pants have an elastic waist and are patterned with a black leopard print.  They hang low in the back since the Journey Girls have no butt.  Otherwise they fit great.

These shoes are interesting, because they are plastic, but they have laces and a tongue.  The sole of the shoe is white with a black strip most of the way around, except at the front of the shoe where there is an added white rubber piece.

The tops of the shoes have a white toe area and the rest of the shoe is a mauve.  Although the tops are plastic, these shoes are better than other all plastic OG shoes…and miles ahead of the Journey Girls plastic shoes.  Like all OG shoes they are wide on Ella’s feet…but that does help her stand better!

A few years back Our Generation had little iPods with some of their sets.  These iPods had earbuds with them, which were really cute, but never really fit into the dolls ears without some tape.  Now earbuds have faded away a little and everyone has these ginormous over the ear headphones (think Beats or Skullcandy).  The neon orange and white, wireless headphones that come with this set fit perfectly over Ella’s ears and are still not so big that they look clumsy.

So Ella can rock out to her favorite music while she skates along, not having to worry about wires or her headphones falling out.  Oh…but she might need an iPod…and some pockets to put the iPod in.

The final piece of this set is the most important part of a set titled “Fashion On Board”.  The skate board is the exact same style of board that was released a few years ago (except for the sticker on the bottom).  Made of a nice thick plastic, the board has a black sandpaper like top, with a tribal design sticker on the bottom in shades of purple and blue.

Something that I found out the hard way with my last OG board…the sticker does not like tape.  Even though it is glossy, the tape can rip the sticker.  So be careful.  The wheels on the skateboard are plastic, but roll great.  The one thing that would be nice is to have a way to attach Ella’s feet to the board.

Although there is also part of me that likes the fact that there is not a way to attach her feet to the board…only because that is more realistic.  So…nevermind…the board is awesome!

All ratings are out of 10

Value 8 – I feel like if the outfit didn’t have the headphones it would be a regular set.  Although the hoodie is probably a little too nice to be in a regular set.  The entire set is great.  Two things that bother me about the set: why is there no t-shirt/undershirt? And it would be awesome to have cloth top shoes.  Both very minor issues since most of us have t-shirts somewhere in our dolls woredrobe.  And the shoes are still great, even if they are all plastic.

Fitment 9 – This outfit seems like it was made for the Journey Girls.  As a matter of fact, there are Journey Girls outfits that don’t fit this well!  Like so many other OG outfits the shoes are wide and the pants have a little extra fabric in the back for the butt that is missing from the Journey Girls.  Still a great fitting outfit!

Versatility 9 – The pieces of this outfit can go with so many other outfits.  I especially love the pants, because if you put those with a fancy top, they are quite dressy.  The colors of the hoodie make it useable with jeans, leggings, and a variety of colors of bottoms.  The shoes will go with almost any casual/athletic type of outfit.  And I wouldn’t pair the headphones with a gown, they really can go with any outfit.

Cuteness 8 – For some reason I really love this outfit.  I think some of it is the color of the hoodie.  I really appreciate that it is not a full blown purple, but is really a gray with purple hints.  The pants have a really cute pattern.  The entire outfit is cute, without being too childish.

Overall 9 –Although I would like this set to cost a little less, it is well worth the $17.99.  The hoodie is extremely well made, as are the pants.  Even though the skate board is not new, it is a great accessory and is a blast to play with.  There really isn’t anything that is bad about this set.  It is a wonderful casual set.  It can be difficult to find, so pick it up when you see it

AG Notes

Like most Our Generation outfits this one is a bit big on the Journey Girls, but it fits well on American Girls.  Almost well.  The sweatshirt fits amazingly well.  There are no issues with it.

The same can not be said about the pants.  They are tight around MaryEllen's calves.  And they are very difficult to get around her heal as you pull them up.

She does have more padding for her butt, which helps the jeans fit better.

As is the case with many of the Our Generation shoes, these ones are tight.  It takes a little effort to pull them over the heal, but not much.

The headphones fit wonderfully, surrounding the ears perfectly.

Even though this skateboard is shorter and not as wide as the American Girl skateboard, MaryEllen still stands on it very well.

This is a wonderful set for both Journey Girls and American Girls.  It is well worth the price, and if you can find it on is even better@


Cassandra said...

Love the shoes and headphones!

Anonymous said...

Love Emma's hairstyle/freckles!

JG Mom said...

Who was this doll before you customized her? She's awfully cute. Thanks for the review on this outfit. It's helpful to know which ones are worth buying.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking at this set and now I want to grab it for sure! I will have to order it though, haven't seen it in either of my 3 closest Targets

Melody Silverleaf said...

She looks great in that set! Thank you for showing the comparison between the Journey Girls and AG; I'm very grateful you do. I like the hoodie, but can pass on the rest. :)

JGKelsey said...

This is Kara Rose from the two pack that was out 2 years ago. I found her at a thrift shop for $5 and decided she would look cute with a shorter do.

JGKelsey said...

Thanks! Yeah she is a cutie!

JGKelsey said...

I have found it twice since I bought it, but that has been as I have roamed the 8 Target stores around me.