Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Ella and Veronika's Trucks

Everyone Needs a Treat

Ella pushes open the awning on her truck.  It is a beautiful, sunny day.

She has to be ready for all the people that are going to visit her food truck today.  Inside the truck, she readies some of the hot food, cooking hot dogs, kabobs, and pretzels.

Across the street, Veronika readies her ice cream truck.  She arranges all the toppings so people can easily get to them, sets out samples of the frozen treats, puts out the tubs of ice cream, and when she is all ready...she turns on the music.

With the sun high in the sky and the temperature getting higher, people start to wander towards the two trucks, the music guiding them to the treats being served.  Both Ella and Veronika are excited to see the people start to line up, but secretly hope that the other truck won't do as well as their own.  There is a little bit of competitiveness in both of them, as they both dream of being the most well-known food truck in the town.

People start to gather at each food truck, deciding which truck has the better menu for them.

Kelsey gets a double scoop of cotton candy ice cream in a sugar cone from Veronika's truck, while Samantha decides on a single scoop of chocolate ice cream from Ella's truck.

Megan rides her bike down the street, trying to decide between the two food trucks, finally picking Ella's but not sure of what she will buy.

Saraphina knows exactly what she wants from Veronika. "Can I get a large scoop of strawberry ice cream with strawberry syrup on top?"

"Of course!" Veronika happily replies, "Would you like it in a cone or a dish?"

"Hmm...I think I'll take it in a dish.  Thanks!"

Veronika scoops up Saraphina's ice cream and hands it to her.  Saraphina grabs a spoon and joins Kelsey for her treat.

Megan is still trying to decide what she is going to get at Ella's truck.

Chavonne has been roller skating.  She decides on a little healthier snack.  She orders a pretzel, and within a minute she has her soft, warm pretzel and is skating on her way again.

Jasmine was out walking her dogs when she heard the music from Veronika's truck and decided a cold treat sounded delicious.

As she puts her order in, the dogs look around for scraps of food.  When Veronika gives Jasmine her chocolate ice cream, the dogs look up at her with those big sad eyes.  "No chocolate ice cream for you two...it'll make you sick!" Jasmine says as the dogs resume their exploration for food.

Jasmine tops off her chocolate ice cream with some sprinkles, then continues on her walk.

Veronika makes some pretzels and donuts, while also getting her ice cream treats arranged again as the crowd dies down a little.

Megan finally decides on a hotdog and a drink from Ella.  The day continues with many people coming to both trucks.  In the end, both trucks sell plenty of food.  Maybe this town is able to have two great food trucks in it!


The AG Homeschooler said...

Nice photostory! I loved how there was a competition for the best ice cream truck. Very well thought out!

Melody Silverleaf said...

LOVE it! So creative! I love how the crowd builds. I did wonder if the girl in the pink poncho was a bit warm. Great attention to detail on the outfits and modes of transportation. I agree the town can stand two great food trucks.