Saturday, August 19, 2017

Chavonne's Trip to Yellowstone: Day Two

Chavonne Visits the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Up early again for the second day, Chavonne was met by fog in the valley and in the plains.  The fog drifted over the prairie, the suns shining from behind.  A lone buffalo walked in view, but Chavonne was sure there were more looming in the dense fog further away.

Continuing up Grand Loop road, Chavonne watched as the fog slowly drifted down the river's edges. It's a beautiful sight.

Chavonne is worried that the canyon may be filled with fog.

It is not though.  The morning sun really makes the walls of the canyon glow yellow.

The canyon, cut by the Yellowstone river, is 20 miles long.  The steep walls are more than 1,000 feet high.   Chavonne walks along the paved paths to the brink of the Upper Falls.

It's hard to see the falls since the river curves, but she gets to see the water pouring over the brink.

The mist follows the walls of the canyon, plants growing on the side that gets touched bby the water.

Further on in her hike she marvels at Lower Falls.  The falls have a beautiful dark green right at the lip; the waters natural color seen because of the depth right before the water tumbles over the brink.

Anywhere between 5,000 and 63,000 gallons of water rush over the falls.  Chavonne hears a ranger telling visitors that the falls have changed very little in the hundreds of years since people were visiting Yellowstone.  That is because the rock is so hard compared to waterfalls like Niagara.

Chavonne stops for a bite to eat, before continuing on her trek.  She's very careful to take any garbage  with her after she is done eating all of her food.

She doesn't want to litter, and she definetly does not want to run into any bears with food in her backpack!  The flowers bloom everywhere along the path.  Chavonne stops and takes some photos of an orange flower called a "paintbrush".

She loves how vibarant they are and their neat shape.

As the trail winds through the canyon top she can see down into the valley.  At one point she spots an osprey's nest.

High on the top of a rock tower, sits a huge 5 foot in diameter nest. A young opsrey sits in it, while the parents soar along the canyon's floor, looking for fish in the river.  What an awesome sight.  Everything is amazing here!

While returning back to the cabin, Chavonne stops to watch some buffalo.  The plains are covered with them.  In the entire park there are over 4,000 buffalo now.

Stopped on the side of the road so she can see the buffalo better, Chavonne notices one that is rolling in the dirt.

Buffalo roll in the dirt to get clean.  The show makes Chavonne laugh a little.

It's funny to think that rolling in the dirt helps get you clean, but for the buffalo, it does.

As the sun sets behind the cabin, Chavonne thinks of the adventures she will have tomorrow at Yellowstone!


Guyloup said...

Thank you to Chavonne for this beautiful new day in Yellowstone :-)

Anonymous said...

Your photos are stunning!

Melody Silverleaf said...

Outstanding photos! I felt as if I was there with you. My favorite is Chavonne looking at the bison from a safe distance. But each was stunning!

Kiki's Korner said...

These are such amazing photos! I enjoyed seeing the buffalo and the water fall. Starting the morning with the misty fog was really neat, too. Chavonne is such a cutie and I like the big bow in her hair.