Saturday, September 16, 2017

Australia Mikaela Review

A New Australian Outfit for an Old Mikaella

Most of the new Australian Journey Girls are just re-releases of past years dolls with new outfits.  A few of the dolls have new features, like Callie's new hair and skin color, or Kelsey's new hair color and freckles.

Mikaella is one of the dolls that has not been changed at all.  She comes with a new outfit that includes a white lace dress, a sewn on belt, a green jacket, gray socks, a hair clip, a purse, and brown boots.

The dark green jacket almost looks military in style. It is mid-thigh length, just shorter than the dress. Made of a sturdy cotton the jacket has sewn cuffs on both of the arms as well as nice stitching along the edges of it.

There are four pockets on the front of the jacket, two on each side.  Except they really aren't pockets, just the top flaps of pockets.

There are also sewn in loops of cording with a spring loaded cord toggle on them on each side of the front.  They aren't long enough to be used to close the front of the jacket, they are more just decoration.

On the inner sides of the jacket, there are pieces of elastic that help keeps the jacket on and make it more form fitting.

It's a great piece that can be used for many other outfits.  Be aware that there are I-fasteners hiding near the collar and at the bottom of the jacket.

Clip them to take the jacket off.

The white dress is made of two layers; a top lace layer and a bottom cotton layer that the lace layer is attached to at the neckline.   The skirt is a bit short.   It stops high up on Mikaella's thigh, just hiding her underwear, and barely longer than her jacket.

It would be nice if it was a little closer to her knees.  A circle pattern runs throughout the lace, with larger circles that look like tires (with spokes) and smaller solid circles randomly placed around the larger one.

A simple rounded neckline and thick shoulder straps complete the simple but elegant dress.

Velcro runs up the bodice of the dress for easy on and off.

At first glance, the brown leather belt looks like it can be adjusted.  It kind of can.  It is sewn in at the back by the velcro and then again on the side seams.

The belt is so long that if you tighten it so that the dress is fitted, the strap goes all the way around Mikaella to her back.  There are no loops to hold the belt strap, so it hangs awkwardly.

It would be awesome to have this as a real accessory, not attached to the dress.  Or even if it was attached to the dress, maybe only be attached in the back.  Still, it adds to the outfits and looks nice.

Unlike Callie's boots, Mikaella's boots are old news.  The brown plastic boots have a huge gap in the back to make them easy to get on and off.

They are all one color.  Which is sad, since they could at least have different colored soles or laces.

Even though the boots aren't exciting, they go really well with the outfit.  Like Callie's outfit and boots, Mikaella's feels both pretty and rugged at the same time.

Hiding underneath her plain boots are some dark gray socks.  The top of the socks are folded down and hemmed to make a white cuff.

On my doll's socks, the cuffs are different lengths.  Kind of a tube sock, there is no real heel on the socks...but there kind of is.  Not a huge deal, except that the little heel is in an awkward place that turns the seem on the toes of the socks.  So there is a bit of extra flopping fabric at the end of the socks. Really not a big deal, more of an observation.

Mikaella also comes with a hair charm.  The gold butterfly charm is attached to a lavender bobby pin with a braid of purple, pink, and gold string.

A very simple little accessory.

Finally, Mikaella has an over the shoulder purse.  Made of leather, the light brown purse has a leopard print accent flap.

Held down with Velcro, the little purse can hold very little.  The strap comes folded up in the package, making it difficult to get on Mikaella's shoulders because of the folds that stay in the leather.  I'm sure with some more play, the folds will come out.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 8 – There is a lot to this outfit.  I only wish that you could get it without buying Mikaella.  I don't need another Mikaella doll, as I am sure is the case with some of you.  That being said, if you can sell the doll, or donate her, or customize her to become a new doll, the outfit is definitely worth the cost.  This is comparable to a $20 Journey Girl outfit.  The dress is made well, the jacket is nice (it would have been awesome with real pockets, the socks are nice, the boots are okay, and the hair charm and purse are nice little pieces.

Fitment 8 – I am surprised more and more at how things from Journey Girls don't really fit the Journey Girls!  The dress is short...just a little bit when Mikaella is standing, but a lot short when she sits.  The socks are not quite long enough to stick up over the boots and they fit funny.  Everything else fits great.

Versatility 9 – I like this outfit for its versatility.  The dress can be so incredibly fancy looking with the right shoes and accessories (even with the dumb sewn on belt).  The jacket can be used with lots of different outfits.  And the socks are a great addition, especially for outfits that are for exploring or being outside.  The boots, hair charm and purse can be used with just about any outfit.  Great pieces for your dolls wardrobe.

Cuteness 9 – Even though the dress is short, it is really cute.  And I love the contrast between the military style jacket and the lacy dress.  It makes for a really great outfit.  It's nice to have the pop of color in the hair charm.  Just a really cute outfit. (The second of the Australian bunch!)

Overall 8 – Without the doll, this outfit is a nine, because you have to buy the doll with the outfit it's an eight.  There isn't anything wrong with Mikaella; it would just be awesome to be able to get the outfit without having to buy another doll.  This outfit is another good quality, cute design, well thought out release.  In years past there have been half the dolls that I have skipped because their outfits were not very neat.  This year Toys R Us is going to take all of my money.  Lee, Callie, and Mikaella have all had very cute outfits.  If you don't have Mikaella, this doll is well worth the $40.  If you do have Mikaella...wait for a sale to pick up this really cute outfit!

AG Note

Guess what...the boots don't fit.  Neither do the socks.  Not surprising as they are difficult to get on Mikaella at times.

The socks get to Saraphina's ankles and then stop.  So no shoes or socks.

The dress fits, but just barely.  I really had to pull to get the Velcro latched, but it did stay velcroed.

The belt still has plenty of leftover length.

Although the jacket does fit, Saraphina can't raise her arms past her waist.

The jacket does stay close to her body, thanks to the pieces of elastic on the inside.

 Obviously, the hair charm and purse fit Saraphina just fine.  Overall this outfit would be worth the cost to share with your AG dolls.  I wouldn't buy it just for them though, as it really is very tight and prevents playability.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful blog! I have only just started collecting these dolls and your information has helped me decide who to add to my growing JG family. I have Down Under Chavonne and Dana :) Best wishes, Saba x

Melody Silverleaf said...

Great outfit!
Love the review and the photo shoot.