Sunday, September 15, 2019

Kyla's Hocking Hill Vacation 2

Day 2: Kayaking and Whispering Falls

Waking up early, Kyla used part of her second day to go kayaking.  She started at the waterfall she had seen yesterday, in Ash Cave, and paddled along the stream a mile or so.

She made her way through rocks and small rapids.  The water moved quickly is some areas, but slowed considerably when the stream widened out She marveled at all the greenery.

Hocking Hills had rain almost the entire week before she came, so the plant life was extremely lush.  She really enjoyed seeing some of the tree roots that stuck out from the banks.   The earth that surrounded them, washed away over time.

It is a wonderful adventure going down the stream.  The current never goes fast enough that Kyla feels unsafe, but it moves her along so that she only has to steer with her paddle.

After kayaking, Kyla starts on another hike to see a waterfall and the largest cavern in the park.   She hikes along the edge of rock cliffs, always watching where she is stepping.  The path is wide, but rocky.

Walls of sandstone rise on her right side, with layers of different sediment coloring the rock.

Caves, caverns, and rocks are common sites as she trudges along the path.  A few people pass her as she hikes, but not nearly as many as on other trails.

When she gets to the end of the trail she is amazed at the size of the cavern.  It is huge!!!

The waterfall is a trickle, and nothing fantastic, but the cavern is amazing.

She explores the cavern, walking to the end of the path where rocks have fallen over the years.

Climbing on and around them she find a different view of the cavern.   It is amazing.

For a few more minutes she wonders around, exploring the rocks, the wall, and the view from the cavern.

It is an awesome sight.  As she heads back to the cabin, some dark clouds begin to cover the sky.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place to walk and meditate and enjoy the water.

I see the little piles of rocks and I have heard that people enjoy making them. I wonder if Kyla made one to help her remember her adventure.

Guyloup said...

Wonderful photos ! I love them all ♥

lurker said...

I just love how you pose your photos - it makes it look like Kyla fits right into her surroundings, like she's really kayaking and not doll-sized when she's standing in the cave. Also, what a beautiful, beautiful area.