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Journey Girls Jordanna Review

Introducing Jordanna

Jordanna is the seventh Journey Girl.  She was only available during the Christmas season of 2013 as part of the Paris collection.  She was more expensive than the other Journey Girls, costing about $50 rather than the usual $32.

Toys R Us describes Jordanna as "the newest member to the Journey Girls crew, who loves to shop and study the latest style trends.  This fashionista is ready to dazzle in her favorite gown this holiday in Paris."

Jordanna has hazel eyes, multi toned blonde hair, and deep, sparkling, pink lips.  She comes in a georgous navy blue, flower ruffled dress, with white gloves, a jewel necklace and jeweled bracelet, sparkling blue shoes, a blue flower for her hair to match her dress, panties, and a blue hand purse.  Jordanna's outfit alone is worth the extra money that she costs!

Most of the Journey Girls have the same face mold (Chavonne, Callie, and Dana seem to have different faces).  Because of this, Jordanna looks a lot like Meredith. A lot!  That's okay in my opinion, since Meredith is a very cute doll.

Jordanna's beautiful hazel eyes.
So what makes Jordanna special?  First off her hair color is unique.  All of the other girls have one color hair.  Jordanna has a mixture of light and dark blonde hair.  It sounds like it could be streaky, but it is not.  It gives a very realistic golden blonde color.  Her hazel eyes are beautiful, and are the most realistic looking of the group.  That is saying a lot, since, I think, the Journey Girls have some of the prettiest eyes on the market. The last thing that makes Jordanna different than the other girls is her lip color.  All of the other Journey Girls have very natural lip colors.  Jordanna's lips are a more vibrant pink with glitter.

Jordanna is built the same way as Kelsey (who I reviewed earlier).  So her arms go up and out the same way that Kelsey's do.  I wish that they went out straight to the side.   For playing, it's not that big of a deal, but for collectors, this creates posing constrictions.  My Jordanna doll's arms seem a little bit stiffer.  They don't get stuck, they just seem to stay in place better than with Kelsey.

Jordanna with her arms up and out all the way.
This is as far as her arms can go out to the side.

Jordanna is only able to sit with her legs splayed out in front of her.  While she is wearing her Paris gown this looks very cute.  Her legs are hidden under the dress as it billows out around her.

Jordanna, like all of the Journey Girls, has the half vinyl breastplate and cloth tummy.  I love that she has the vinyl breast plate, especially with her outfit.  If she had an all cloth body like the American Girl dolls or the Our Generation dolls the lower neckline and clear shoulder strap of her dress would really show off the difference in material.  I really believe that the breastplate gives the ability for the Journey Girls to wear outfits that look a little goofy on the other brands (that's just my opinion).

Since one of Jordanna's main selling points is her beautiful dress, lets take a look at it in more detail.  The dress is a wonderful color.  I'm glad that Toys R Us didn't go with a red or pink.  The dress looks very elegant and appropriate for the dolls "age" while still being modern and stylish.  I love the "flower" pattern in the ruffles.

The design gives the dress volume and makes it much more elegant.  To help keep the dress puffed out there is some tule underneath the fabric of the dress.  It's not a lot, but it is enough to help the dress flow around Jordanna.

As mentioned before Jordanna comes with a lot of accessories.  The other Journey Girls Dolls usually have one, may be two accessories.  Jordanna has her gloves, the necklace, bracelet, purse, and hair scrunchy, as well as her shoes and panties (that I consider part of her actual outfit).

The hair scrunchy is very pretty, with a jewel at it's center, and looks much more elegant than it sounds.  I love that it matches her purse and the flower on her shoulder strap.  

 Her gloves are pretty nice.  They are more like mittens, because they don't have individual fingers, (which makes sense. Imagine the frustration a little girl would have getting the gloves on finger by finger) but the are still very elegant and make the outfit more formal looking.  The bracelet is interesting.  It is made of a clear flexible plastic and has jewels glued to it.  It can come off of Jordanna's wrist, but it can be a pain to get back on.  It has two plastic "buttons" that go through holes on the other end.  You just have to press down on the end to get them to go together.  In my experience if you don't have it pushed all the way down, the bracelet pops off as the plastic goes back to it's original shape.  Some of the jewels have also fallen off.  They can be replaced with jewel stickers from Michaels, so not a huge deal.

 The necklace has a nice clasp on the back.  I was surprised at the quality of the class, since the "necklace" is just silver string.  It is a very pretty necklace though and again helps with the elegant feel of the outfit.

The nice necklace clasp.  You can also see the "Geoffrey LLC" stamp on her neck.

Jordanna's shoes are plastic (like most of the Journey Girls' shoes) which I like for the most part.  They feel a little cheap compared to the other accessories, but they are still very pretty.  They are a little different color than the dress, but not much.  Every once in awhile they will fall off, but not always.


All ratings are out of 10

Poseability - 7  - Although she is pretty flexible, Jordanna suffers from the same flexibility issues as all
the other Journey Girls.  She is wonderful for playability, but if you are displaying her, she only has a few poses.  Jordanna was easier to stand then Kelsey.  I think this was due to better stuffing in her torso, which helped her stability.  Her dress also helps give more weight to the bottom half of the doll.

Quality - 9  - The vinyl on Jordanna is soft feeling and wonderful.  Her joints are nice and tight, but still move well.  Her outfit is awesome! The detail on the dress is great.  There are no loose ends at the end of the fabric.  Jordanna's hair is beautiful and thick.  Since it is rooted you can see her scalp in some areas, but not easily. The only reason she isn't a ten is that she is not as flexible as could be.  She makes a great play doll.

Adorableness - 10 - Jordanna is stunningly gorgeous!  Here eyes are so beautiful, especially with the "real" eyelashes.  Her dress is stunning.  She looks good in the box, but she looks awesome out of it.    I was not disappointed with the looks of the doll.  She is awesome!

Compatibility - 6 - Jordanna looks best in dressy outfits in my opinion.  She can wear some of the other outfits, but because of her lip color she does look better in dresses.  It could be that I am just used to seeing her in her formal dress…and she looks different in everyday clothes. Since the Journey Girls are made for Toys R Us exclusively the dolls are a little bit different sized than other 18" dolls.  However most accessories and clothes are compatible.  Dresses from American Girl and Our Generation lines fit, but are a little loose around the waist.  Pants and shirts from these two lines are too large.   Shoes from American Girl seem to fit fine, but the Our Generation shoes are a little tight.  All of the accessories, such as scooters, horses, pets, etc., fit great with the Journey Girls.  Jordanna definitely looks better in theJourney Girl clothes though.   Look for future reviews of the different outfits.

Overall Score - 9 - Jordanna is the princess of the Journey Girls line.  Her formal gown makes her one of the best dressed Journey Girls.  She has the same issues as the other dolls in this line (namely joint flexibility, hair being thin, and compatibility with other 18" dolls clothes.  These are minor things that are far outweighed by the cuteness of the doll, the wonderful outfit, and the overall feel of the doll.  If you can get your hands on Jordanna, she is well worth the money.  I hope to see her released again as a special edition with the new London line of Journey Girls Dolls. 

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