Monday, April 14, 2014

So what is this blog about?

Well at the core of it…I guess it is about dolls.  Especially Journey Girl Dolls.

There are many, many, many, doll blogs out there.  Most of them are going to be a better read than this one.  However, I could not find one that specifically looked at the Journey Girls line.   I hope to post about once a week on everything related to the Journey Girls; the dolls themselves, their outfits, the accessories, other brands that fit the Journey Girls, reviews of some other dolls, and photos of their adventures.  Hope you enjoy!

Meet the Journey Girls

Journey Girls are exclusively made for Toys R Us.   As such you can only find the dolls at a Toys R Us store, at, or on eBay.  Right now there are seven Journey Girls.  Kyla, Chavonne, Kelsey, Callie, Meredith, and Dana are the six dolls in the repeating line-up, and Jordanna, the one remaining doll, is a special edition doll.  Jordanna was only available in the Paris line around the holiday season (look for a review on her later).   

From left to right: Chavonne, Meredith, Kelsey, Callie, Kyla, Jordanna, and Dana

When the dolls were first introduced there were only four dolls, Alana (now Kyla), Taryn (now Chavonne), Meredith, and Callie.  Kelsey and Dana came out soon after the initial four.  I can't tell you how many iterations there are of the dolls.  The history online is not so clear.  What I do know is that all but two of my Journey Girls are from the Paris collection, which was last years collection.  Toys R Us now has the girls traveling to London.

There are many great things about the Journey Girls, but one of the things that I like is that they are more modern than the American Girl dolls.  Now I know that is part of the charm to the American Girls, but I like that the Journey Girls are a bit more relateable.  A description of the girls from the Toys R Us website describes them as:

"…the best friends who love to travel and share their experiences and special talents with one another! No matter how far apart they are.  Journey Girls keep in touch by talking on the phone, emailing, texting and writing postcards.  Their friendship will last forever and their adventures are just beginning."

All of the dolls are 18" tall.  They are a bit skinnier than an American Girl doll.  Journey girls measure about 10" at the waist.  Their legs are about 8" long and their torso is about 6".  Their bodies are half soft body and half vinyl breastplate (technically I think they are considered 3/4 soft body, but as you'll see in my reviews…they look more like half). They have beautiful fixed glass eyes and "real" eyelashes.  Their hair is rooted.  They have 5 points of articulation; both legs at the hips, both arms at the shoulders, and the head at the top of the neck.  They can stand on their own…but do need a little coaxing sometimes.

So that's an introduction to the Journey Girls.  Next up will be a review of the first doll I bought, Kelsey!

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