Friday, November 28, 2014

Jordanna Tries on a "My Life As…" Dress

Does a "My Life As…" Dress fit Journey Girl Jordanna?

"My Life As…" is the line of 18” doll clothes from Walmart.  This summer I picked up a cute flowery dress.  Jordanna is modeling the white, flowered dress, with a glossy purple ribbon around the waist and at the bottom of the dress.  The dress comes with a mesh white sweater also.

I love the print on the dress and the light look of it.  I wish it had shoes.
"My Life As…" outfits are cheap; around $10.  This is not that much more than the non-deluxe fashions from Our Generation.  I wanted to really love this outfit…but it was not my favorite outfit.   I love the design!  I love the colors on the dress; I love the style of the dress.  It lacks quality though.  There are multiple places on the dress where the fabric is fraying.  The fabric is not stitched under so that the fabric will not fray.  The fabric of the dress is very light, which I don’t mind.  I think for $10, it’s not bad.  It is on par with Springfield outfits. 

Jordanna modeling the "My Life As…" dress with a pair of Journey Girls shoes.

The mesh…it’s more of a netting sweater, while I appreciate that it’s there, is just weird.  I like a little sweater with this dress, but the netting is just not good. I cotton sweater or the like would have been much better.
Cute dress…weird net/mesh sweater.
All ratings are out of 10

Value 6 – Although this outfit cost less than most other outfits it is also not as high quality as comparable dresses from Journey Girls and Our Generation.  Especially considering that it has no shoes and a goofy sweater.  Our Generation dresses are $3 more, have shoes, and usually two accessories.

Fitment 9 – The dress fits great.  No issues there.  It's not as form fitting as a Journey Girls dress, but it still fits correctly and looks good.

Versatility 3 – Ah…not much. You can use the net sweater for something (maybe a fishing scene)…but with no shoes or anything else with this dress, it is only a sun dress.  Cute…but not versatile.

Cuteness 6 – This is tuff, because the dress itself is very cute.  It's not made real well, so there are strings sticking out in places and (you guessed it) that sweater!  If it was just the dress, I'd probably give this an 8.

Overall 6 – Sad face.   I wanted this to be great, partly because it is a good price point and a cute dress. But after getting my hands on it I realize it is not as nice as I had hoped.  For the price buy an Our Generation outfit.  They will go on sale for $10 every so often.  This dress is not great quality, and does not have much with it.  I had hoped that this dress would be more like the "My Life As…" rain gear that I reviewed earlier.  Alas, it is not.  Hopefully other outfits from My Life As… mimic the rain gear, rather than this dress.  Super cute, just not made real well.

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