Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kyla Wearing The Queen's Treasures Pink Jacket

Journey Girl Kyla Preparing for the Winter

Sledding, snowball fights, building snowmen, and going on sleigh rides; these are just some of the great things that can be done in the winter.  To play outside, a girl has to have the right outfit.  The Queen’s Treasures helps out with a beautiful warm pink jacket.  The jacket comes with a white t-shirt, that velcro’s up the back, black pants, pink knit mittens, and a sleeveless puffy pink jacket with a fur lined hood.  Not pictured is a hanger and a plastic garment bag that are also included  Kyla is wearing boots from a Journey Girls shoe pack. 

Kyla wearing The Queen's Treasures pink winter jacket.
This is a great winter outfit.  The jacket itself is wonderfully made.  All the stitching is high quality.  The jacket looks like a puffy jacket you would get for any little girl.  The zipper works really well.  It is a little big, but not horrible.  I like that the Queens Treasures used a zipper rather than Velcro, like the American Girl doll jacket.  The hood fits well.  It is difficult to get all of Kyla’s hair in the hood and pull it up where it looks okay.  You can put Kyla’s hair down the inside, back of the jacket, if you don’t like it out the side.  I like the “fur” on the hood.  I would like white fur, but I like that the Queen’s Treasures decided to do something different than American Girl and everyone else.

The shirt is big on Kyla.  It still fits, but it is big.  The Queen’s Treasures items are made for American Girl dolls, which have bigger torsos then the Journey Girls.  The pants are also big.  The pants fit better than the shirt, though.  The pants won't fall down, they just aren't as fitted as Journey Girl brand pants. With the jacket on you really can’t tell that either the shirt or the pants are big on Kyla.  The mittens are awesome.  Again they are a bit big, but still fit.  The color is different than the jacket.  The colors don’t clash, they are just a little different.

Comparing this jacket to the American Girl jacket is hard.  The American Girl jacket is so, so cute.  It’s a different style than this one.  I think the American Girl jacket is a bit more dressy.  I can’t see the girls going out and having a snowball fight in the AG jacket.  The Queen’s Treasures jacket can be used for playing, but without sleeves, it’s probably not a dressy jacket.  Over all I would pick the Queen’s Treasures jacket.  It is a full outfit, rather than just a jacket.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 9 – This jacket is awesome!  Especially since it is an outfit rather than just a jacket.  It's not as puffy as the American Girl jacket, but nothing that makes it feel cheap.  Everything is well made.  At under $30 this is a great outfit.  Two things that would have made it a ten; shoes or boots included, and sleeves.

Fitment 9 – The jacket fits perfectly on Kyla.  The pants and shirt are big, but still fit okay.  As you can see in the photos, you can't really tell that the shirt and pants are big.  The mittens are great and fit well. 

Versatility 9 – Just like the American Girl coatthis is a one hit wonderas far as the jacket is concerned.  The shirt and pants are wonderfully versatile.  The jacket is more of a playtime jacket, rather than a dressy winter coat.  That is good, the girls need something to wear while playing in the snow.

Cuteness 9 – This outfit is great! The jacket is really cute.   I love the fur accented hood.  The mittens are awesome!  It's a grab ensemble.  Againwish it can with boots.

Overall 9 – This is definitely a 9.  No issues, great design, cute looks, good versatility, and great value! Watch for specials on the outfit to get it 40% off.  That is a steal!!!  If you are looking for a great winter play outfit, this is the one I would suggest.  Keep warm!


Suzi said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! Journey girls are my only and favorite doll. I prefer them over AG Dolls. I stumbled across them last while looking for gifts for my bf's nieces. They wanted clothes for their AG dolls. Discovered JG dolls and fell in love! Although in college, I thought what the heck, I have to have one! I ended up buying Jordanna. I'm glad I did. She's gorgeous. I hope to expand my collection to other Journey girl dolls. I saw the new change and I'm not a big fan of the new faces. I hope to buy all of the old dolls before they get replaced.
Anyways! Keep up with the great post. I really enjoy checking out your blog :)

JGKelsey said...


Thanks so much for the compliments. I have a couple of AG dolls and prefer the Journey Girls over them. Jordanna is a wonderful pick for your first doll. She is stunning. I bought an old sculpt Meredith and Kyla a month ago when Toys R Us had a sale on the Journey Girls so that I have spares. I love Mikaella as a new sculpt…but not Meredith and Kyla as much. I hope you are able to add to your collection and find the dolls that you want. Thanks for reading!