Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kelsey's Adventure: Finding the Door

What's Behind Door #1

Kelsey wanted so badly to leave from Meredith’s house right as she got there.  She knew that if she did the others would want to know why…and she had no good excuse.  Plus she had to get her homework done, and it was nice to work with other people.  So she laid on the floor and did her math as Callie lay next to her.  They were both in the same class.  Callie was done first with her math problems.

“Callie, did you get 12 for number 3?” Kelsey asked.

“Yep.” Confirmed Callie, “Are you done with the rest of the problems?”

“I have two more,” Kelsey sighed “Can we go over the answers when I’m done?”

“Sure.” Callie sat up and began to put her math book back in her backpack.  Chavonne, Meredith, Kyla, and Dana were at the table doing English homework.

Kelsey had an English assignment also, but it wasn’t due until Monday.  So she had a few days to get it done.  She had a history test that she had to study for tonight though.

Kelsey finishes her math problems and turns to Callie.  “Okay…all done,” she says.   She and Callie go over the problems, both of them talking it out if they had different answers.

Once they had finished with the math problems Kelsey packed her things in her backpack, looking in to make sure the key was still there.

“Where are you going?” asks Meredith “I thought you had a history test to study for.”

“I do,” Kelsey says “But I think I’m going to study at home.  Just having a hard time concentrating today.”

“Okay” says Meredith, not thinking much of it.  The girls give Kelsey hugs good-bye; she shrugs on her backpack, and heads out the door.

I’ll just swing by the tree.  See if the key fits that door.  She thinks.  Then, back home to study.  Real quick!  No big deal.

She starts walking a little quicker along the path to get to the door.  As she gets to the spot her heart starts to beat faster.  I’m so nervous.  What am I going to find?  What if the key doesn’t work?

Kelsey spots the tree with the vines growing on it.  She sprints towards it, stopping a few feet from the base, tossing her backpack off her shoulders, and pulling it open as it hits the ground.  She rummages through it.  Where is it?  Where is it?  

She starts to panic as she can’t find the key.  Then…ah.  There you are.  She says to herself as she pulls the key out of the corner of her backpack.

Kelsey She pulls the zipper closed and throws her backpack onto her back. 

She squeezes her hand closed around the key, making sure it doesn’t fall out.  She creeps towards the vine covered tree, her heart racing.  She moves the key from her palm to the end of her hand, grasping it so that it is ready to open the bark door.  With a deep calming breath she pulls the vines back from the tree…and steps back in shock.

“Where’s the door?” she says out loud.  She begins to pat the tree with both hands, feeling her way around.  Looking for the edges of the door, the handle, anything.  How could it just disappear?

Frantically Kelsey searches the face of the tree, but there is nothing.  She lets the vines swing back into place as she steps back.

She looks at the tree, then looks around, then back at the tree.  Is this the right tree…or is it that one over there?  Or could it be that one over there?  I don’t remember all these trees looking so similar.

She decided to try the nearest tree.  She sprints to it, key still in hand.

Flinging the vines to the side, she sighs with disappointment as there is just bark behind them.

She runs to another tree, with the same result.  And another.  And another.

Suddenly she is back where she started.  She whips her backpack off, throwing it on the ground, frustrated that she can’t find the vine covered bark door.

Kelsey let’s out a long sigh.  I don’t understand.  Where could the door have gone? She drags her feet as she walks over to the tree.  Plopping herself down on the ground she sighs again, and looks around.   I know that we were right here when we played hide and seek.  I know it! 

“I know it!” she says aloud as she grabs her backpack.

Looking up from the ground she sees something in the distance.  She squints her eyes as something flashes light.  Kelsey begins walking towards the flashing light, cautiously at first.

As she gets closer she sees that the light isn’t flashing, it’s moving.  Squinting again, Kelsey sees that the light is an orangish color as it moves behind the tree, then comes out to the side, then back behind the tree.

She walks a little faster, but doesn’t run, afraid that she may scare the light.  How are you going to scare a light?  Kelsey thinks.  How does a light move?  Slowing, Kelsey starts to creep towards the light.  It goes behind the tree again.  Kelsey runs the few feet to the tree nearest to the light and hides behind it.  She peeks around the trunk, waiting for the orange light to come around the other tree.  But there is nothing.  Slowly she creeps towards the other tree. 

Her heart pounding, she puts her back to the trunk of the tree.  I’ve got to see what that light is.  She thinks as she whirls around the trunk to see…nothing!  No orange light.  No vines.  No door.  Kelsey huffs, shaking her head, about to give up, when she sees it.  There behind the tree that she just peeked out from is another tree, covered with vines.  A flash of light comes from behind the vines.

Sprinting towards the tree, she throws the vines back to reveal the brass handled, bark, door.

Will the key work in the door?  Find out next week!

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