Friday, June 19, 2015

Kelsey's Adventure: The Key

A Treasure Found

Another day came and went, and another, and another, pretty soon weeks had gone past without Kelsey returning to the strange door.  That didn’t mean she didn’t think about it…but every time she wanted to go back to look for it, something came up.  Schoolwork, sports, family; there was always something.  At some point Kelsey forgot about the door and what might lie beyond it.  That changed on an ordinary Tuesday as she walked home from school with her friends.

“Come on Kelsey,” Meredith hollered “Stop dawdling.” 

“What are you doing?” Dana asks.

Kelsey is looking up at the treetops, the sun flickering in the leaves, and the blue sky beyond.  It is beautiful.  What would it be like to be able to fly through those trees?  To soar through the blue sky, Kelsey thought.  She shook her head, snapping out of her daze as Dana questioned her.  “Oh just looking at the trees and the sky.”

“Well, catch up,” Dana says.

Kelsey begins running towards the group of girls walking in front of her on the path.  Suddenly her foot catches on a bump in the pavement.  She looses her balance, tipping forward.  Oh…this is going to hurt. 

Her running gets more spastic as she careens towards the edge of the path.  Arms flailing wildly to help her catch her balance, Kelsey stumbles forward one last time, and falls on her hands.  

Kelsey’s backpack flips up over her head, spilling its contents down the side of the path.

“Oh NO!!” Kelsey moans, getting Dana’s attention.  Dana breaks from the group, as they stop to see what happened, and walks back to Kelsey.  Dana bends down to help her pick up Kelsey’s books, pens, and other school supplies.

Dana smiles and shakes her head, “Kelsey…you are kind of a klutz.”

Kelsey smiles back, “Yeah.  Only I would be able to fall over my own two feet.”  She picks up her book and notices a few items down the embankment. 

She slowly steps down the embankment. Her foot slips and on to her bottom she goes.

Dana calls down to her, “Kelsey!  Are you okay?  Be careful.”

“What is going on?”  Meredith yells back to Kelsey and Dana.

“I’m being a klutz!” yells Kelsey as she leans forward to pick up the pen, notebook and phone that are on the ground near her.  

She puts them in her backpack and starts up the embankment, leaning on her hands for stability.  I am not falling down for a third time!    Slowly she climbs up the embankment.   “Ow!” She exclaims in surprise, as something pokes into her hand. 

Kelsey lifts her hand away from the object that poked her.  Her eyes widened as she looks at an old skeleton key.

“Kelsey!  What is taking you so long?” Dana enquires, “We’ve got to get to Meredith’s house soon or her mom will start to worry.”

Kelsey quickly grabs the key, shoving it into her backpack, and climbing up the embankment.

“Sorry.  Something poked me.” Kelsey explained.   “Sorry guys!” She shouts to the rest of the group as she brushes herself off.

“Come on”, Dana encourages.

Kelsey pulls her backpack on and Dana and her run to catch up with the group.  The group begins to walk along the path again as Kelsey and Dana reaches them.

“What the heck happened, Kelsey?” asks Kyla. 

“I fell, and my backpack spilled all over, and then I fell again, and…it was crazy.  I’m such a klutz,” Kelsey says with a smile.

Callie smiles and comments, “That’s our Kelsey.”  The girls all laugh as they walk.  They start talking about what they will do today when they get Meredith’s house.  Kelsey is not listening though.  She’s thinking about the key in her backpack.  For the first time in a month she is also thinking about the door she stumbled on while they played hide and seek.  What if this key opens the door?  It can’t!  We are nowhere near the place we played hide and seek.  But…what if it does?  It’s got to be the key for that door!  It’s got to be!

Does the key fit in the mysterious door…find out next week!


Farrah Lily said...

Very cute story! I love your posing and "action shots." Beautiful, crisp photos as always...can't wait to see what happens!

Anonymous said...

Gah! The suspense is killing me!! XD BTW, how did you get the photo's of Kelsey falling? Was there a string or are you just REALLY quick at taking photos, lol. Thanks!

JGKelsey said...

Thanks Farrah! Glad you like the story!

JGKelsey said...

The new story will be out Sunday. 😀 I used a doll stand, strategicly placed so you can't see it. Plus a little Photoshop magic!