Saturday, July 11, 2015

What a Scoot

Dana Trie Out a New Our Generation Outfit

Zooming around on a scooter is always fun!  Your doll should enjoy it too.  Luckily Our Generation released a deluxe outfit set that comes with a scooter.  That’s right…it comes with a scooter!  How cool is that?  The set is called “Cute to Scoot”.   It comes with the scooter (which folds up) a yellow visor, blue plastic slip on shoes, a plastic tricolored popsicle, a white and blue stripped t-shirt, and a bright pink skirt.  All for under $20!

The outfit itself is very simple.  The t-shirt has a white cotton fabric and a blue lacey mesh fabric that creates stripes on the shirt.  The shirt is baggy on Dana, but that’s okay.  The blue mesh stripes are strange, since you can see right through them.  Plus dolly fingers get snagged in this material.  It does make a cute shirt though.  There is Velcro up the back to make the shirt super easy to get on and off.
The pleated hot pink shirt has a ribbon around it, with a bow at the front.  It Velcro’s in the back to make it easier to slide onto your doll.  However you won’t need the added girth for your Journey Girls.  The skirt is gigantic on Dana!  The skirt falls off if it is not pinned or cinched around Dana’s waist in some way.  It is a nice skirt though.

Although not tennis shoes, these are the same lame plastic shoes that have shown up in many of the regular outfits.  They are big on the Journey Girls, but that is okay since they are slip-ons.  They will fall off though while playing with your doll. 

It’s nice to get something other than a headband or glasses with this outfit.  The sun visor has yellow fabric with elastic to help it stay on.  The brim is made of a clear flexible plastic.  It is a neat little addition to the set.  The popsicle is also neat.  Everyone knows you shouldn’t scoot on your scooter and eat a popsicle though.

The star of this set is the scooter.  It is made of heavy duty plastic.  The wheels are similar to rollerblade wheels (kind of a plastic rubber tire with a plastic rim).  The front fork folds down to lay flat on the pink standing platform by pushing up on the slider near the front wheel.  Cute pink and blue tassels hang off of the handlebars, matching the outfits’ colors.  The handles turn, which turns the front wheel.  On the bottom of the scooter there is a kickstand that helps keep the scooter upright.  This is an especially important part since the Journey Girls can’t bend their knees.  Without the kickstand Dana has to tilt her scooter with one foot on the scooter and one foot on the ground.  She can also stand on the scooter with both feet, but balancing her and it can be very difficult.  Dana’s hands hold on to the handlebars pretty well, but there is nothing that holds her hands on (such as a plastic strap or elastic). 

All ratings are out of 10

Value 10 – The scooter itself is worth $15.  The outfit is a nice outfit that has some good versatility.  The shoes aren’t awesome, but they are a little different than the normal tennis shoes, which is nice.  Great set for a good price.  Watch for sales and get this outfit for around $12!!!

Fitment 8 – The shirt fits well, but the shoes and skirt are big.  Actually the skirt is huge!  It can be modified easily to fit Dana though.  The scooter is a perfect size for Dana.

Versatility 9 – Everything can be used with other outfits.  The shirt is a very useful everyday top.  The skirt is a nice piece for school outfits or at play type of outfits.  The shoes can go with lots of different casual outfits.  The visor, scooter, and popsicle can be used for all sorts of summery fun.

Cuteness 8 –  It is a cute outfit.  The skirt is nice, with cute accents (like the ribbon on the waist).  The shirt, although strange that it is see through, is very cute.  The see through lace makes it look fancier than just printed stripes.  The visor is a nice addition to the outfit.

Overall 9 – A cute outfit that is very versatile with a wonderful accessory!  If you want something for your doll to ride around on and don’t want to pay at least $30, this is a wonderful option.  The shirt and skirt are big, but with some extra stick-on Velcro that issue is fixed easily.  Well worth the cost!


Farrah Lily said...

Nice review...I'm so impressed with the price! I can picture a child (or adult) really having fun with this. :)

JGKelsey said...

Farrah Lily,
I couldn't believe the price either. Especially since the scooter is made really well. It even folds up!!!

Zen Dolls said...

I am getting this scooter for my birthday. Looking forward to playing with it.