Saturday, July 25, 2015

Kelsey's Adventure: The Orange Light

Kelsey's Adventure Begins!

A field of tall grass rolled away from her in small hills, shinning like gold in the sunlight.  It sways back and forth as the gentle breeze moved over it in waves.  Beyond the grass, trees covered the horizon.  Great, beautiful trees, with limbs outstretched towards the blue sky above them.  Kelsey imagination had painted this place with strange creatures and plants, but it was really very similar to home.  Except that she had come from a wooded forest and was now standing in a sea of grass.

Suddenly there was a rush of air from her left and the orange light pulls Kelsey out of her daze.  She looks up and beside her is a little fairy, her wings flapping quickly behind her.  

The fairy is surrounded by an orange glow.  She has a cloth orange dress on with brown stripes on the skirt.  Her brown hair held back in a braid with a ribbon.  Her wings shimmered in the sun.

“Hi!” came a small high voice from the fairy.

“Hi!” Kelsey excitedly replies.  “You are the light I have been following.” 

“I’m not a light…I’m Elita!  I am one of the fairies that live here.”

One of the fairies!” Kelsey exclaims, “There are more of you?”

“Well of course there are, silly goose.”

The little fairy giggles at Kelsey and glows a little brighter orange.  She flutters to and fro, never really staying still.  She reminds Kelsey of a hummingbird, darting back and forth, then hovering mid air.

“I’m Kelsey,” she says, putting her hand out to shake.

Elita zips up to Kelsey, hovering close to Kelsey’s hand.  Stretching out her tiny hands, Elita puts one hand into Kelsey’s hand, another on the outside.  Kelsey squeezes Elita’s hand so softly, not wanting to hurt her tiny, delicate hands.

Slowly moving her hand up and down, Kelsey shakes Elita’s hand, the fairy moving her whole body to shake.   Her hands feel like silk.  I can barely feel her touching me!  Kelsey thinks as a large grin spreads across her face. 

Smiling back at Kelsey, Elita says “Welcome to Trillatia! It is so wonderful to have you here!  There is so much I want to show you. ” Elita starts to flit around, “I’ve got to show you the plains, and the Fallen Forest,…oh and the Brinden River…” She trails off, noticing Kelsey’s overstimulated facial expression.

Giggling, Elita tells Kelsey, “Come on.  Let’s first start with my house!”

With the field in front of them, Elita leads Kelsey through the tall grass.  Can this be real?  Am I really following a fairy?  Did I really just come out of a tree trunk tunnel?!  Wait!  The tunnel!

“Elita, Are we going very far?  How am I going to find my way back here to go home?” Kelsey frets.

“He he!” Elita giggles “Don’t worry.  I’ve gone through the tunnel to your home.  I know where the tunnel is.  I’ll just bring you back here!”

Thinking about this, Kelsey is a little uneasy.  She still isn’t sure why Elita lead her to Trillatia.  Is Elita friendly?  Can I trust her? 

“Are you coming Kelsey?”

Kelsey smiles at Elita and starts towards her, “You bet I am,” Kelsey says, pushing these thoughts out of her mind.  They walk through the grassy field, Elita always flying ahead, then waiting for Kelsey to catch up, before darting ahead again.  I wish I had wings. 

Kelsey stops as Elita disappears into a field of yellow flowered grass.  Elita pops back out of the flowers.

“Come on!”  Elita petitions. “Don’t worry.  My home is just beyond this field.”

Cautiously, Kelsey edges forward, her stomach filled with butterflies.  Her thoughts go back to whether or not she can trust Elita.  She has got to be good…she’s a fairy!  She seems so nice.  I’m sure she wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.  Then her thoughts changed direction.  What are the girls going to think when I tell them about this!  Pushing the first few flowers to the side, Kelsey eases her way into the dense foliage of the flowered grass.

Check back next week to see Kelsey visit Elita's home!


Elizabeth said...

Yay! The next part!
This is so awesome! I love your ideas.
This could be the new Lord Of The Rings!

Great job, as usual!

Emma said...

This photo story series is so good! I can not wait for the next part!!!:D

JGKelsey said...

Thanks Elizabeth!
I don't think it will be quite as epic as Lord of The Rings. 😀

JGKelsey said...

Thanks Emma! I hope that it will continue to be enjoyable. It is fun to write and photograph!

Farrah Lily said...

Beautiful photos! I love all of the special effects.. Seems like you were in "the magic hour" as far as lighting goes! :)

JGKelsey said...

I love that magic hour!!! That hour to two hours right after sunrise is awesome for lighting effects. Thanks for the compliment Farrah Lily!