Saturday, August 1, 2015

Kelsey's Adventure: A Fairy Pretty House

Elita shows Kelsey Her Home

From a distance Kelsey hears Elita calling to her, “Kelsey, are you coming?”  Before Kelsey could respond, she brushes aside another bunch of flowers and reveals Elita fluttering in front of her.  Elita moves to the side, revealing a forested area with a small grove of trees in the middle.  Strange colorful flowers, almost like lilies, grow around the trees bases.

A squirrel gathering nuts, stops, stands on its hunches, and nibbles at the nut it has in its front paws. 

Birds call to each other and swoop from branch to branch. Kelsey has never seen such brightly colored birds before.  Butterflies, flit around, landing on something, then flying away as quick as they had landed.  The forest creatures pay no attention to Elita or to Kelsey.

“Come on”, Elita encourages as she flies towards the grove of trees.  As she gets to the middle of the grove she hovers there waiting for Kelsey to catch up. 

Awestruck Kelsey’s head turns from side to side, taking in everything she sees.   She is amazed at how calm the animals are.  The squirrel looks up at Kelsey as she passes.  She thinks about reaching out her hand to pet the squirrel, but Elita calls to her right then.

“Hey.  I don’t suppose you have some wings hidden in your backpack,” She giggles at her own joke.  “I’m kidding.  Can you climb trees though?”

Turning to Elita, Kelsey has a broad smile on her face, “Can I?  I may be kind of klutz on the ground, but I am part monkey in the trees!”

“Monkey?  Why would a key be in a tree?”

“No….a monkey.  It has a long tail.  It can climb trees.  Ooo…ooo…ahh..ahh…”Kelsey trails off as she dances around like a monkey. 

Elita wrinkles her nose and furrows her brow in a quizzical look.  “Never mind.  Yes, I can climb trees.”

“Good!  Then you can come see my house!”
Now it’s Kelsey’s turn to look perplexed.  “Your house?  Where is your house?”  She asks looking around the grove.

Elita flutters in front of Kelsey, getting her attention, then flies up.  Up on the tree’s trunk is a little house, perfect for a fairy. 

The trees bark is thick, creating great hand and foot holds, making it easy for Kelsey to climb. Colorful lilies surround the base of the tree.  As Kelsey approaches the tree Elita warns, “Don’t touch those!  They will put you to sleep for a very long time.  We let them grow around the roots of our trees to help protect us from our enemies.”

“Very smart”, Kelsey compliments.

She shrugs off her backpack outside the ring of lilies,

walks over to the tree’s base where it splits into two, grabs the bark with her hands, wedges her feet in some cracks, and starts climbing. 

Nervously, Elita buzzes around Kelsey as she climbs up the tree. 

“Oh”, Elita frets, “I wish you had wings!”

Me too.  Thinks Kelsey as she looks for her next hand hold. 

She curls her fingers into the crevices formed by the tree’s thick bark, glad that the tree has grown natural holds for her to climb up, since there are no branches below Elita’s house.

Probably safer for her that way.  Things can’t easily get up the tree.  I wonder what things would want to get to her? 

Her thoughts wonder as she effortlessly climbs, all the while Elita flicks back and forth, fretting that Kelsey may fall.

Finally Kelsey grabs on to the branch closest to Elita’s house.  She pulls herself up onto her belly, then sits up on the branch.  

Elita hovers in front of her front door, which is a round piece of wood with a little door cut out of the middle in a half circle.  Her house is made from an old log, round and solid.  On either side there are  round windows with round wood casings around the outside and sticks as muntin bars The roof is made of a large pink rose turned upside down.

Kelsey looks at Elita, "It is a beautifully wonderful home!"

Elita giggles at Kelsey, “You want the grand tour?”

“I’d love it!” Kelsey smiles and says. 

Next week Kelsey gets more than just a tour of Elita's house.  Stay tuned.


Elizabeth said...

Great Job! I love the photos and the unique ideas. Did you make Elita's house? It's really cute!
I've changed my mind from the next 'The Lord Of The Rings' to the next 'Chronicles of Narnia'.
I hope you put in other creatures too, like centaurs, dwarfs, and elves. Ooh, I am getting REALLY excited for the next parts!

JGKelsey said...

Thank you for all the nice compliments. I think Chronicles of Narnia is a good comparison. My plan is to have other creatures included in the'll have to wait and see what shows up. :)

Izzy Blue said...

I am nominating you for the World Doll Day tag! Here is where to get the picture for it: and here is where it originated I hope you have a lot of fun with this! :)