Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kelsey's Adventure:Not a Warm Welcome

Kelsey Meets Kassilia

“Kassilia, I brought her here,” Elita interjected, flying in front of Kelsey. 

Kassilia closed in on Elita, hovering almost nose to nose.  She points her finger at Elita.  “What are you thinking?  It might hurt us!”

She won’t hurt us.”

Kassilia’s brow furrows, “Won’t hurt us? Won’t hurt us!?  It is probably going to eat us!”  At this some of the fairies that have been hovering around the commotion dart behind the nearest trees.

“Come on Kassilia,” Elita calmly replies.

“How do you know it isn’t going to eat us,” Kasillia goes on. “You don’t know why it’s here.” Turning to the fairy crowd, “It could be here to capture us all!”

“It,” Kelsey interrupts, “is not here to capture any fairies.  It does not eat fairies.  It will not hurt you!  It has a name!”  She paused and stepped towards Kassilia.  “My name is Kelsey,” she said stretching out her hand.

Kassilia fluttered backwards, the crowd gasping, as Kelsey stuck her hand out.  

Elita rolled her eyes at Kassilia, let out a sigh, then landed on Kelsey’s hand.  Kelsey’s heart stopped.  Elita’s little feet tickled Kelsey’s hand like down feathers walking across her palm.  She is so light.  And so beautiful.  Kelsey thought.

“Kassilia you are so paranoid,” Elita says, glaring at Kassilia.  “Look she is not going to hurt me.”

Darting forward, Kassilia grabbed Elita by the wrist and pulls her out of Kelsey’s hand.  “Are you mad?  She could squish you.  You know the legend.”

Pulling Kassilia’s hand off of her, Elita scowls and says, “She is not going to squish me!  Ugh! You have to trust more Kassilia, legend or no legend.”

Kelsey speaks up, “I promise that I won’t squish, hurt, or eat anyone.  Girl Scouts honor.”  Kelsey holds up her hand in the Girl Scout salute.

“See she isn’t going to hurt us…she just promised!” Elita says smiling.

“Ummm." groaned Kassilia. "I don’t like the situation, but I’ll let It..”

“Kelsey!” Kelsey interrupted.

“Fine… Kelsey" Kassilia glares at Kelsey, but continues, "can stay, but she has to stay at your house, Elita, and It…I mean she, can not come in to the middle of Delphi Hallow.” Kassilia protests.

“Oh Kassilia..”

Kassilia cuts Elita off, “Don’t you ‘Oh Kassilia’ me.  I don’t think she should be here at all, but I’ll trust you Elita.”  Elita smiles and starts to turn towards Kelsey.  “But if she does anything to harm any of the fairyfolk, I am holding you responsible!”

Elita rolls her eyes.  “Don’t worry!  Everything will be okay.” 

“It better be!”  Kasillia huffs, pushes through the crowd and flies away.

Immediately the crowd comes alive with chatter.  A smaller fairy flutters forward, sticking out her finger, she pokes Kelsey’s arm.  Kelsey barley feels it.  The fairy giggles and flies away.  Another fairy circles Kelsey, making notes on a small pad of paper, all the while muttering to herself.  Elita stays by Kelsey’s side, letting the other fairies acclimate to the new, strange thing that calls itself Kelsey.  The crowd starts to thin as the fairies curiosity starts to dwindle.  One, dressed in yellow, stays, looking at Kelsey with amazement.  She flies up to Kelsey’s eye level.

“You are amazing!” the little yellow fairy says.

“Well…so are you!  You are Linnea correct?”

The yellow fairy’s eyes get as big as saucers.  “Are you psychic?  Please tell me you can read my mind.  That would be so cool!”

Kelsey giggles.  “I can’t read your mind.  Elita has your picture up in her house.”

“Oh right.  Psychic.  What was I thinking?  Silly Linnea!  Of course Elita showed you the picture.  Oh my gosh I’m such a goof.  I’m rambling…Hi I’m Linnea.”

“Kelsey.” She stuck her hand out.  Linnea took a finger in her hands and shook, flying up and down as she did.

“We better go,” Elita says, “Before Kassilia changes her mind.  And if she sees you here she will get really mad.”

“Alright.  Better go.  Bye Linnea!” Kelsey waves.  Linnea waves back at her, as do some of the other fairies.  

Following Elita out of the grove, Kelsey looked back over her shoulder to make sure that what she had seen was real.  Linnea was still there fluttering her wings to stay above the ground, waving at Kelsey again.  Most of the other fairies had started to disperse.  The morning’s excitement was done.  It was time to get on with their days.

What's in store for Kelsey next.  Check back to find out!


Elizabeth said...

Thank-you! No cliff hanger.
This is awesome! I really like where you're going with the plot. I am thoroughly enjoying this story.
Can't wait for next week!

~A very excited Elizabeth~

Tes Scholtz said...

This is a great story! I love watching it unfold! Great job with the photo editing too. All your little sparkles and glows add such a perfect touch. :)

Emma said...

Ooh! What legend?? I can't wait to find out more!:)

PennilessCaucasianRubbish American Doll Adventures! said...

Oh my goodness... I love love love the photos and this post. Well done! Well done! <3