Sunday, August 9, 2015

Kelsey's Adventure: A Tour and a Story

The Story of the Fairies

Elita opens the round front door and even though she is tiny, she has to duck to fit in the door.  Kelsey gets as close as she can on the branch and peers in through the window.

Elita is standing in the middle of the tiny house.  There is an itty bitty bed across from the window, made of wood, with a leaf as a blanket.  Near the window is a round log table, with sticks as legs, and a chair, made of sticks, sitting with it.  On the wall a few pictures were hung, most of the little frames were filled with the faces of Elita’s fairy friends.  That was all.  Very simple, quaint, and beautiful.

“This is my house!  Here’s my bedroom,” she explains as she walks to her bed.  “This is the living room slash dining room,” now standing by the table and chair, “and…that’s about it!”

“It’s wonderful!” Kelsey says.  “Who are the pictures of on your wall?”

“Oh, those are my friends.” Pointing to each photo, Elita tells Kelsey their names, “That’s Ilsa in the red, Annalisa is in the green, Kasillia; who can be a little strict, is in the purple, and Linnea is in the yellow.”

“Wow…can I meet them?” Kelsey asks.

“Ummm…” Elita squishes up her nose with a questioning look as she joins Kelsey on the tree branch.  “They might be a little afraid of you.  Actually, they think you might eat them.”

Kelsey makes a disgusted face, sticking out her tongue, “Blah.  There is no way I would eat anyone.  That’s crazy!” Kelsey throws up her hands.  “I bet if they meet me they won’t be afraid of me.”

“Yeah…I’m not so sure of that yet.” Elita replies hesitatingly,  “I’m the first fairy in many, many years to have contact with a human.   Fairies and humans lived together in Trillatian.  There are old legends that talk about humans collecting all the fairies.  Then something happened and the humans left to your world.  A few of them returned, using the key to come through the tunnel, just as you did.  Eventually they forgot all about Trillatian.  And the fairies were told stories to keep them away from the tunnel.  Stories of horrible, large, beasts, that hate fairies with all of their hearts.”

Shock and sorrow cover Kelsey’s face, “What happened that the humans left?”

“I don’t know,” replied Elita. “None of the great books say anything about it.  There are stories about humans and fairies being together, then the rounding up of all the fairies, then the next thing is about the humans leaving through the tunnel.”

Kelsey shakes her head.  Suddenly she looks at Elita with realization in her eyes, “It wasn’t a coincidence that I found the door or the key, was it?”

“Not really.”

Before Elita could say anything else, Kelsey asked, “Why aren’t you afraid of me?”

Elita fluttered away from the branch she had been sitting on with Kelsey.  

With her back towards Kelsey, she answered, “Well…I’m kind of…an outsider!” She turns towards Kelsey.  “You aren’t the first ‘dangerous’ creature I have befriended.  There was the haverstide, the beecal; that one was a bit nasty, the pikrat,” Elita paces back in forth in the air as she continues talking, “the grunkin, the towanin; ohh, fire and fairies do not go well together, but the ragalbeast, that’s the one that got me kicked out of the fairy village…”

“There is a fairy village?” Kelsey exclaims, almost falling off the branch she is sitting on.  “I want to see…I want to see.”

Hesitating Elita replies, “I don’t know….”

“Please.  Just a peak.  We don’t have to go into the village.  I just want to see it!”

“Alright.  But just a peak!” agrees Elita.

Kelsey swings down on her belly and hurriedly climbs down the tree.  

Elita right next to her, fretting that she has no wings and may fall.  Kelsey makes it to the bottom of the tree, grabs her backpack, and asks, “Which way?”

“Follow me.” Elita darts ahead as Kelsey runs after her.

Wow!  A whole fairy village! Come back next week to see it.


Elizabeth said...

Wow, I am on the edge of my seat! Pardon me while I just scoot back! Whoo, that's better.

Yay, fantasy creatures! I can't wait to meet them. And the Fairy Town sounds very intriguing. I also like that you're putting a bit of a mystery in there. I love the background story of why the humans left, it sounds like it could have actually happened. Wait, maybe it did!

Anyway, great job (as usual)!

JGKelsey said...

Thanks Elizabeth! I hope you continue to enjoy the story. There will be more fairies and more adventures coming soon.