Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mint Condition

Kelsey Shines in a New Our Generation Outfit

Our Generation has many great dresses out.  They released another great dress this spring called “Mint Condition”.   The outfit comes with a clear pink, bead bracelet; a shoulder strapped gold purse, the prettiest lacey strapped, gold sandals, a light brown cardigan, and a beautiful mint colored dress.  “Mint Condition” is a deluxe outfit, which usually costs around $18.

The mint dress has a pretty white rounded collar with two white buttons under that.   There are small, silver, shimmery  (kind of like glitter but thicker) sprinkled throughout the dress.  There are two layers of the dress that are sewn together along the bottom.  Both are the beautiful mint green color.  The top layer is sheer with the silver dots on it, while the bottom layer is a solid cloth.  Around the waist is piece of the sheer fabric doubled over, then sewn at the sides of the dress and at the back where it Velcro’s.  The dress is sleeveless, but has large straps that go over the shoulders.

The cardigan is a strange football jersey type of material over a layer of plain white fabric.  It’s kind of a strange material.  It looks okay with the outfit (kind of like it is knit), but it really isn’t needed.  The outfit is actually cuter without it.

The purse is nice.  It’s shaped almost like a very rounded heart.  The top, where the zipper is, is wider than the bottom, creating a “V”.  The strap is a good length for Kelsey to be able to hold the purse on her shoulder.  A good solid purse that can be used with many other outfits. The bracelet is a cute accessory also.  It is really nice to see a very different color with this dress.  The clear pink beads are rather large so there only about 10 of them around Kelsey’s wrist.  You could also use it in her hair as a ponytail holder.

Our Generation has been adding really neat new shoes to some of there outfits.  This outfit gets some of the cutest sandals out there.  The sole of the sandals are made from a gold and light tan piece of leather like cloth.  This makes the sandals kind of floppy.  It would be nice to have them be a little firmer, but they still work.  The neat thing about these sandals is the pretty front strap.  The strap is a lacy flower design.  Very different from any of the other sandals that Our Generation has out.  Super cute!

All ratings are out of 10

Value 9 – Even though this is a beautiful dress and it’s got some of the cutest sandals out there, the cardigan is a little dull.  Still a great value, especially with the purse and bracelet, but $20 is kind of near the top of its value.  Well made, and very pretty.

Fitment 9 –  The dress is not form fitting on Kelsey, but it fits well.  Like all Our Generation dresses, it is big, but the design of the dress makes it so that this is not that obvious.  The sandals fit wonderfully and the cardigan fits well.

Versatility 8 – The dress can be used for many different occasions that would require a dress.  Nothing too dressy, but school, church, things like that.  The rest of the set; purse, bracelet, sandals and cardigan, can go with just about everything.  The sandals and bracelet are an awesome addition to your wardrobe.

Cuteness 9 –  This outfit is super cute!  From the adorable sandals to the sheer mint fabric with sparkles throughout it, it’s just cute.  The color is awesome, especially on Kelsey.  Love the bracelet.  Very cute!

Overall 9 – A solid nine.  If the outfit had something other than the cardigan, it would probably be a ten.  It is a great outfit that is very simple, but very cute!  Grab this outfit when you see it!  If nothing else get it for the shoes and sell the dress!


Lydia said...

Great Review! That dress is super cute! Matches her eyes so nicely >.< I love Our Generation clothing! Its so cute and I like their fashion sense sometimes! =)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that your blog crystallized my decision to get a Journey Girls doll (specifically Kelsey), I really enjoy reading your reviews of the outfits - I'm building up a collection of "wants" (they're not too easy to find here, so it's a case of being in the right place at the right time.)