Sunday, March 20, 2016

Kelsey in Journey Girls New Outfit

Kelsey Tries on the "White Short Sleeve Top and Pink Skirt" Set

Toys R Us and Journey Girls released six new outfits about a month ago.  One of them was the  “White short sleeve top and pink skirt set” that is being reviewed today.  The outfit is nothing fancy and does not have as many accessories as the maxi dress outfit, but it is cute.  And the short sleeve shirt is beautiful.

The shirt has a shiny white satin layer as its base that shows through the lace top layer.  This helps the lace pop more than just a dull cotton fabric underneath.  

It has a high plain neckline and elbow length sleeves.  It sounds very simple, but it looks both elegant and very usable.  Because of the two layers the shirt is nice and thick.

When Kara Rose was released she came with a skirt that is very similar looking to this pink one (although hers is purple and Kelsey’s is obviously pink).  

Kara Rose’s skirt is a thick stretch material, while this skirt is more of a satin material.  The basic cut and design is the same.  The description on the Toys R Us website says that this is a “pleated skirt”, but there is not one pleat.  It is a beautiful, free hanging skirt.

The shoulder bag should be mentioned for two reasons; first, it actually has a strap long enough to make it a shoulder bag.  

And second it has Velcro to keep it shut!  As an added bonus, it’s cute and the purple is a great color with the pink and white.

Footwear has been a struggle for Journey Girls.  Although these sandals are similar to many of the sandals in the past, they are recreations of the good sandals.  The purple sandals match the shoulder bag well.  The have a hard plastic sole (which makes them slide on carpet and on some wood floors) with three “leather” straps (two that criss-cross the toes and one that Velcros around the ankle.)  Journey Girls has added a pretty fabric flower to spruce the shoes up.  Much better than the plastic shoes!

All ratings are out of 10

Value 7 – Yes this is a beautiful outfit.  One that is a great addition to anyone's collection.  But it is not a super value, especially at $19.99.  The shirt is really the main piece that is new and probably makes up much of the cost.  It would be nice to get some jewelry or hair accessory with the outfit though.

Fitment 9 – Great fit, as would be expected.  The shoulders are tight on the shirt and can impede movement every so slightly.  Otherwise great!

Versatility 8 All of the pieces can be used with other outfits easily.  The shirt is a wonderful addition to Kelsey’s wardrobe as it is simple but elegant.  Although similar to other Journey Girl skirts, this color and fabric is unique and is a great addition to your collection.

Cuteness 8 – Very cute outfit.  It is beautiful on all of the Journey Girls.  Although not as fancy as some outfits, it is still very pretty.  The way that the skirt flows is just gorgeous.

Overall 8 –  A great outfit that can be used in different ways, this set is well worth adding to your dolls wardrobe, but maybe wait for a sale.  $19.99 is a bit too much to pay for this outfit.


Canadian Doll Notebook said...

Once again, beautiful photos!

Catherine said...

Would love it if you can make comments as to whether the fit might possibly fit the heavier set dolls like the American Girls and Our Generation. I've found that some of the things do fit and some do not. Loose fitting outfits work well at times, and I've a few pieces for those doll.