Saturday, March 5, 2016

Meredith and the New Maxi Skirt

Journey Girls Maxi Skirt Italy Outfit

The outfits that Toys R Us released recently have great new designs, most of them highly unique.  Although elements of the outfit being reviewed today have been used with other outfits, the main skirt is brand new.  The outfit comes with the full length skirt, a pink tank top, a denim jacket, a pink leather headband, and a pair of pink sandals.

Although  the tank top, headband and sandals in this set have been seen before with other outfits, they work really well.  The tank top has thick shoulder straps and Velcro up the back. Like many other headbands, this one is made of “leather” with a piece of elastic at the bottom to make it easy to get on Meredith’s head.  There is a bright pink cloth flower on the top to give it more flair.  

The sandals are the standard leather cross strapped sandals that started showing up in sets last year.  The have a Velcro strap across the front to make it easy to get them on and off.

The denim jacket has been seen before, but this iteration is a little different.  First, it’s a nice light blue denim that goes really well with the pink tank and the flowing white dress.  There is great tan stitching throughout the jacket to accent the seams.  

Three silver buttons go up the front of the jacket.  Unfortunetly they aren’t functional.  The jacket is really cute open, because it shows off the pink tank, but it would nice if it could close.

The star of this outfit is the maxi dress.  It’s a simple cotton, floor length dress with elastic around the waist.  The bottom inch of the dress is made of voile lace (which is a fancy way of saying it has a see through fabric behind the lace).  

Stitching on the lacework is not overly ornate, but it fits the skirt perfectly, changing the feel of the dress from a simple bed sheet, to a flowing summer/spring dress.

Every Journey Girl outfit comes with a purse.  Some are amazing, some are okay.  The leather, zebra print purse that comes with this outfit is not amazing, but it is very nice.  

It has black handles that are just big enough to get over Meredith’s shoulder.  The purse doesn’t have Velcro to keep it shut, which is fine for this style of purse.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 10 – With four accessories (If you include the denim jacket as an accessory) this outfit is an awesome value.  All of the pieces are high quality, beautiful parts to a well put together outfit.  It would be great if the sandals were a new design and that the jacket could close, but minor issues for an awesome outfit.

Fitment 10 – Perfect fit!  As would be expected this outfit fits wonderfully on Meredith. 

Versatility 10 – Every piece of this outfit is highly versatile.  The sandals, headband, and purse can be used with just about any outfit.  The tank is a great piece that can be used as a top on its own, or a wonderful piece that can go underneath other tops. The skirt is such a wonderful design that it can be used with a wide variety of other outfits.  And what outfit wouldn’t look better with a denim jacket.  (Okay maybe there are a few, but it is awesome to have the jacket).

Cuteness 10 – Such a cute outfit!  Everything goes together well.  The colors are great.  The maxi dress is just awesome looking!

Overall 10   The Italian line has really had some great outfits, including this one.  It is made well, it has great design, super play value, and is so very cute!  Watch for the sales if the $17 seems a little high.  Even at $17, this outfit is well worth it.


Renee The Pineapple Hippie said...

The pink shirt with the denim jacket reminds me of Alison from the Magic Attic Club's meet outfit! Very cute. I'm half-tempted to pick this up just for the jacket; you can't go wrong with a denim jacket! I really enjoy your blog and reviews :)

Sharon said...

This is a very cute outfit, I like it on her and think it suits her well.
The skirt could be pulled up maybe, and made into a strapless summer dress?
It's lovely and I wish our Toys R Us would get the outfits too, now that they have some of the dolls!

Canadian Doll Notebook said...

What a beautiful outfit!

JGKelsey said...

Oh my...totally like Alison! The jacket is nice. I just wish it latched somehow. Still really cute and it is a beautiful blue!

JGKelsey said...

Sharon, that is a really good idea with the dress! I'll have to see what that looks like with a cute belt. 😀