Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Kite For Callie

Callie Tries on "Up and Away"

Our Generation released a slew (okay 6 or so) of new outfits recently.  Included in the mix was this cute light pink dress with a wonderful kite as an accessory.

"Up and Away" includes a dress, sandals, sunglasses, and a really cool kite!  I'll be honest...I would have bought this no matter what the outfit was, as long as I got the kite.  So is it worth it?

Well since the kite was the main reason I bought this outfit, let's take a look at it first.  There have been a few accessory packs from OG that have had a kite, but all of them were fairly small.  This kite is the right size for the Journey Girls.

At ten inches wide and seven inches tall, the triangle kite is almost three times as big as the OG kite that is in the accessory pack that came out last year.

The frame is made of gray plastic pipes, with an a-frame at the top, crossed pieces in the middle and nothing on the bottom of the kite.  String is attached in a triangular pattern on the frame, then a single piece extends over four feet to the bright orange molded plastic handle.  With grooves for Callie's fingers, the handle stays in her hand easily without any straps or tape!

The kite itself is made of a light "kite like" fabric that has a pink strip down the middle (that matches the dress in this set) purple strips that parallel the frame, and aqua green triangles at the bottom of the kite.

I have two issues with the kite, minor, but annoying (and good).  The bottom of the kite is attached to the frame by a piece of fabric, making it so that it can slide up and down on the rod.  It would be nice it if didn't move on the frame. Second issue is similar, just in a different spot.  At the tip of the a-frame the fabric isn't attached.

The good part about this...people like me can run fishing line through the frame to make the kite "fly"!  It is slightly annoying that the fabric flips back, but only very slightly.

And that's it for the review!  Actually that is what I expected; and awesome kite and then some "meh" outfit and shoes.  However this is a decent dress.  Like the raincoat dress that was reviewed earlier, this dress is made out of similar cotton jersey fabric.

In certain light the entire dress is a peach color, while in other light it looks more pink (Duh...this is true with many colors since florescent lights put out more of a purple/white/green light and incandescent...or new CFL/LED bulbs give off more of an orange/yellow light.  And now I am done with our science lesson for today.)  The bodice of the dress has a darker shade of peach/pink glittery polka-dots (that don't loose their glitter...YAY!!!) sporadically placed around it.

Similar to a sleeveless t-shirt, the tops has a high neckline and no sleeves with tulle frills instead.

The almost knee length skirt is three layers; a simple white cotton base layer, with two shimmery layers of tulle above that.

The tulle has no hem or cording at the bottom to help from fraying, so be careful of snags.

Our Generation loves throwing in sunglasses in with their outfits (I'll take the glasses over the obligatory purse that JG always adds to their outfits!).  Out of the six OG outfits that I will be reviewing here in the next month or so, four of them come with sunglasses (and another one comes with 3D glasses).  Each one is different though.

This pair of sunglasses has the same design as some seen last year.  A thick purple frame comes halfway down the lenses and ends, leaving the bottom half of the lenses open.  Cute, and also useful when you are trying to see where your kite is in the sunny sky!

Although the sandals that come with this outfit are not a new design, they are a cute design.  Made of clear aqua "jelly" plastic, the sandals go around the ankle and across the top of the toes.

There is a bow on the top of the toe strap, made of the same jelly plastic.  There is even a cute little non functioning clasp on the side of the ankle strap.  The sandals slide onto Callie's feet, stretching at the ankle strap.  They are loose at the toes, since OG dolls have wider and thicker toes, but fit snugly around her ankle.  No issues with falling off!

All ratings are out of 10

Value 8 - Although the dress isn't spectacular it is made well, the only downfall being the tulle edges.  The kite is awesome and is one of my favorite accessories.  Sandals are great as are the sunglasses.  Overall a great set for the price ($12.99).  Look for it to go on sale for an amazing deal!

Fitment 9 - This outfit fits like it was made for the Journey Girls.  The top is fitted much more than usual for an Our Generation outfit.  As mentioned the toes of the shoes are loose, but the ankle strap is perfect.  The glasses fit great, which is not always the case with OG glasses.  And the handle is amazing for the kite!

Versatility 9 - This outfit is super versatile.  The dress is cute enough that when paired with the right shoes and accessories can be dressy.  As it is right now though, it is a cute play outfit.  Sandals go with so many different outfits, especially as an accent piece.  The glasses work with lots of outfits.  And the kite is an accessory...the only things it doesn't really go with are winter outfits and dressy outfits.  Great outfit!

Cuteness 7 -  Well the dress is cute, but not amazing.  It reminds me of a few other OG dresses that I have.  The sandals make it cuter.  And Callie looks super cute while she is flying her awesome kite!

Overall 9 - If this was an accessory pack for $7 it would get a perfect 10.  Maybe I am biased (I love kites), but the kite is a great accessory, better than other kites that have been released before.  The dress is cute and functional, but looks similar to a few other outfits that OG has put out before.  That being said the entire outfit set, with the kite, dress, sandals, and sunglasses is AWESOME!  If you want a fun playful set, pick this one up!

AG Note

Maryellen fits perfectly in this outfit.  It is fitted on the top, the Velcro just closes, but still fits and her arms move with no issues.

One of the sandals was a bit of a challenge to get on (nothing like the rain boots!).  For some reason the right sandal was more difficult to get on then the left one.

I have noticed this with other Our Generation shoes.  Maybe Maryellen has one foot that is bigger.  The glasses are a perfect fit.  And of course the kite handle fits great in Maryellen's hand.

This is an amazing outfit for both your Journey Girls and your American Girls dolls.  And it has a kite!


Melody Silverleaf said...

Adorable outfit and fabulous review! I like that the dress fits both Journey Girl and Am Girl. The kite is fabulous! As you mentioned, I'll watch for a sale.

Kelly said...

You have a delightful blog! I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting.

Kiki's Korner said...

This is just adorable and I will definitely be getting it for either one of my JGs or AGs.

One More Doll said...

Very cute! Great review.