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Calista Wears OG Outfit "Night at the Movies"

OG Out at the Movies

Our Generation has two price levels of clothing, one at around $12.99 and the "Deluxe" outfits at $16.99.  "Night at the Movies" is one of the regular ($12.99) outfits.  It comes with a pair of jeans, a stripped sweatshirt, shoes, a tub of popcorn and 3D glasses.  How well does this outfit fit the Journey Girls?  Well, let's take a peak!

Sweatshirts come in all sorts of different styles.  With a collar, puffed sleeve (a little) and gathered shoulders, and a gathered waist, this sweatshirt is on the fancy side.

Made out of a light tan fabric with florescent yellow horizontal strips, the sweatshirt feels authentic, even if it is a little thin.  There are two buttons on the front to open and close the shirt.  My collar had a very difficult time staying straight.  It was up in Calista's face more than it was sitting down,  Although the sweatshirt is large on Calista it somehow manages to be short on her.  Another half an inch of fabric would make this sweatshirt much better.

As it is, if Calista raises her arms she exposes her belly.  Especially with the gathered flair at the bottom I would think that this top should be longer.  I also noted a few loose threads on the stitches.

Fancy jeans are all the rage right now.  The jeans with this outfit are a medium blue with light blue triangles patterned throughout the pants.  Below the right knee there is a square lace "patch".  It would be great to see this material in another area on the jeans also, such as the back pocket area.

Somehow the jeans manage to be tight and loose at the same time.  Near Calista's thighs the jeans get tight, but then loosen up around the waist.  When Calista stands the pants have a pouch at the front because of the looseness.

They never fall down, but they never cinch her waist either.  The looseness of the jeans and the shortness of the sweatshirt make the outfit a strange fit, especially when Calista is sitting, at which time you can see her belly and her butt at the same time!

Even though Our Generation shoes are made of plastic, the styles vary drastically, compared to the three styles of Journey Girls plastic shoes.  In this set a pair of auburn brown huarache sandals.

They are semi open on the side with plastic "leather" straps covering the front of the foot.  A really cute design even if it is in plastic!  As with all Our Generation shoes, these are wide on Calista's feet, but fit lengthwise.

If that was all the set came with it would be a decent set, but the added bonus of it having a small popcorn tub and 3D glasses is pretty awesome.

The popcorn tub just fits in Calista's hand...and I mean just fits!  It did leave a little bit of a mark on the side of the box from her fingers.  The glasses fit okay, except for the weird curled ends.

Not sure why the ends of the glasses wrap so much, especially since the wrap isn't big enough to go around Our Generation ears or Journey Girls ears.

With a little finagling the glasses will stay on for Calista's viewing pleasure.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 6 - Cuteness and great pieces to the outfit, can't make up for the fact that they don't fit well.  I love that there is more to this set then just the outfit, but compared to the kite outfit, this one is a let down.  

Fitment 6 - The only reason I give this set a six is that it is not made for the Journey Girls.  So the fact that it is big, but still stays on is acceptable.  That being said, it fits well enough to stay on.  

Versatility 9 - The components of this set have loads of potential.  The main reason I bought the set was for the jeans, which are super cute even though they are loose.  The sweatshirt is also a great piece that can be used with many other bottoms.  And the huarache sandals are adorable, making for great shoes for other outfits.  Of course the popcorn and 3D glasses can be used with any other outfit as well.

Cuteness 7 -  Even though it's loose, it is very cute.  I'd like to see a few more lace embellishments on the jeans, but that is minor and my opinion.  I love the gathered flair at the bottom of the sweatshirt and the collar.

Overall 7 - Find it on sale and this set is worth the buy.  If you are going to buy it to share with your AG dolls it is better, but not perfect.  (See AG Note below)  The outfit looks so cute in the box, it just doesn't fit well.  Maybe with other pieces it will work well.  For instance the sweatshirt with a different bottom that comes up higher might work.  Or a top that comes down further would work to hide the fact that the jeans are loose.  Still, I would pick this outfit up, just not at full price.

AG Note

Interestingly the outfit is not perfect for AG dolls.  Putting the pants on Seraphina was a challenge as the jeans were tight on her legs.  Easier than getting JG outfits on the AG dolls, but still a challenge.  

The sweatshirt fits better on Seraphina than on Calista, but is still short, showing her tummy or back.  

The shoes fit perfect and look great on Seraphina.  

The 3D glasses have the same issue on Seraphina as they did on Calista, the earpiece goes way past her ear and the wrap does nothing but get stuck in her hair.  Luckily they sit really well on her nose!  Your American Girl doll will have to eat popcorn with their left hand, because the popcorn box only fits in their right hand. 

Don't touch it though, or sneeze at it, or glance at it sideways, because it squirt out of her hand instantaneously!  Like with the Journey Girls this is a mediocre outfit; not horrible, but not awesome.  Worth a purchase if it is on sale.

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Melody Silverleaf said...

LOVE this review!
The outfit is really cute, but definitely has some issues. From your description, I have a feeling it would work well on my Madam Alexander doll. Most of the OG clothing items that are too tight on AG fit her much better. I think I'd put a t-shirt or tank top under that sweatshirt.