Thursday, April 12, 2018

Slalom Skiing With Kyla

Kyla's Downhill Skiing Run

Kyla's heart is pounding as she waits at the top of the hill for her turn to race the course.  She takes purposeful, deep breaths, calming herself as she does.  Then, "boop", the horn sounds, she pushes hard with her skis and poles as she starts down the hill.

She cuts past the first gate, hitting it with her shoulder.  She makes a hard right on the second gate.  She can feel the snow move beneath her skis.

Kyla sets up for the next gate; a left hand turn over a drop off.  As she flies past the gate she gets a little airborne, but lands quickly to keep her speed. 

Only a few more and then she's done.  Another, hard right, hitting the gate.  

Then, a left.  She speeds to the end of the course, tucking into as aerodynamic of a shape as she can.  Swoosh!  She's over the finish line!

Kyla is happy with her run and her time, but she heads back up the hill for another practice run.


Susan said...

Beautiful Work! Love It!

Guyloup said...

Too cute this story! Go Kyla, go !!!
Congratulations for these photos and this staging so nice and alive.

Melody Silverleaf said...

OUTSTANDING! Love this photo story!

Farrah Lily said...

Beautiful photos!! I love the movement you created despite such limited articulation. Love it!