Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Australian Kyla Review

Kyla's New Australian Outfit

Kyla isn’t new for the Australian release, but she does have a new outfit. She is wearing a knee-length white dress with a pineapples print, a yellow knit sweater, a wrist purse, cute sandals, and a headband with a matching pineapple on it. Is the outfit worth the cost of the doll (if you already have Kyla)?

Somehow familiar, the dress is new but feels very similar to other Journey Girls dresses. Made of a thick material that feels like silk on the top printed side, but a thick cotton on the back is used for the entire dress. 

The bodice of the dress has a liner on the inside also. A squared neckline with thick shoulder straps creates the fitted -top of the dress. Just above Kyla’s hips the dress has pleats that flair the dress out and give it volume. 

The pineapple print is a simple two-toned random print throughout the entire dress. The back of the dress has Velcro from the waist to the shoulders. A very cute dress that is made really well.

The sweater/shrug is a familiar design made of a different fabric. The tight-knit yellow sweater has a raised pattern knit into it. 

With short sleeves and no way to button the front, this sweater is more of a shrug for fashion than a useful warm piece of clothing. Still, it adds a splash of color and help ties in other pieces of the outfit.

Shoes can be hit or miss with Journey Girls. Kyla’s shoes are not a new design, they are the same plastic bottom, "leather" strapped sandal.

For added flair, these sandals have two yellow flowers that match the sweater.

There is Velcro on the back strap to make it easier to get the sandals on and off.

A small tan "leather" purse with a gold strap comes with the set. Unlike some of the purses in other sets, this one actually fits well around Kyla’s wrist well. 

Although it isn’t quite long enough for her to have the strap on and for her to hold the purse in her hand. A small gold strap with Velcro closes the top of the purse. A cute little purse for this outfit.

The final accessory is a headband. It is made of gold threads weaved together and a piece of elastic at the bottom to stretch it around Kyla’s head.

There is a sparkly, sequined pineapple sewn on the top, bringing the entire outfit together. It fits great and sits really well on Kyla’s head.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 7 – As with Meredith, this outfit is great, but it would be nice to be able to buy the outfit on its own.  The fit is really good and the craftsmanship is excellent. Even though the sandals are similar to other sandals, they are still cute.  If the outfit came on its own it would get a 9, because of the quality of the dress and the number of accessories.

Fitment 10 – Everything fits perfectly.  The dress is great, the sweater is great, the sandals fit perfectly and the headband is the right size.  The only thing that could be changed a little is the purses strap...but that is just mine feeling.

Versatility 7 – All of the accessories can be switched out, but the dress, since it is one piece.  Still,, there is good versatility in the dress as the design is flexible.

Cuteness 9 – I love this outfit.  At first, I wasn't sure about the pineapples, but they grew on me.  The print is not my favorite, but it goes well with Kyla, and I love how the entire outfit flows together.

Overall 8 – Even though I am not excited that I have to buy another Kyla doll to get this outfit, I still think it is worth it.  This dress is one of the highest quality pieces Journey Girls has put out.  The fabric is just amazing.  The accessories go really well with the dress and help complete the ensemble. With three Kyla's I don't really need another one, so the $40 for the doll and outfit is a bit much.  At $30, I think it is a good deal.  And even though the pineapple design
is a little different, that is why the outfit is so great.  It is different than other things that Journey Girls has released.  Great outfit to get.

AG Note

As with all Journey Girls outfits, the shoes don't fit.  The dress almost fits.  It is such a cute dress and looks so good on Rebecca.  Unfortunately, the back does not close at all...not even close.

The sweater fits, but is tight.  Rebecca can barely move her arms because the sweater is so tight.  If you are purchasing Kyla for the outfit and hope to use it with your American Girls, it is not going to work....well it kind of works, but you won't be able to Velcro the back, which means it will snag you poor doll's hair. Too bad...because it is a cute dress!

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KAF FRUM said...

it would have been cool if JG had called her Kylie, for this release, as it is an indigenous Australian term for boomerang