Monday, September 15, 2014

Kelsey's New Friend

Journey Girl Kelsey at School

Kelsey has been so excited to go back to school.  She loves her new teacher and her classmates.  She even met a new friend.  Gabriella is in the same grade as Kelsey, but in a different classroom.  Kelsey met Gabriella out on the playground at recess.

Kelsey is ready to go for a slide.
Kelsey ran up to the top of her favorite slide and slide down.  Weee!
"You're pretty fast,"said a girl sitting at the bottom of the slide next to Kelsey.
"Yeah.  I love the slide.  I'm Kelsey, what's your name?"
"Gabriella…but call me Gabby.  I bet you I can beat you down the slide!"  Kelsey and Gabby ran up the stairs to the slide.

Kelsey and Gabby racing up the stairs to the slide.
"1…2…3!," Kelsey exclaimed, as both her and Gabby flew down the slide, giggling all the way.

Kelsey and Gabby love racing down the slide together.
 "Come on," Gabby said.  "Let's go climbing!"  Kelsey and Gabby climbed up the jungle gym.  They chased each other around, laughing the whole time.

Climbing on the jungle gym.
Kelsey even tried rock climbing.  She made it all the way to the top.  Gabby was a little scared to try.  "Don't worry," Kelsey told her.  "You can get up to the top lots of different ways.  Some other time I'll teach you how to rock climb…it's awesome!"
Kelsey climbs up the rock climbing area.
Don't let go!
RIIIIINNNNNGGG!  "Oh..recess is over," Gabby moaned.
"That's okay," said Kelsey.  "We can play again tomorrow!"

Kelsey and Gabby after playing at recess.
The girls went to class for the rest of the afternoon.  When school let out, they ran into each other as they were going to the school buses.
"Hey Gabby!"
"Hi, Kelsey!"

Kelsey and Gabby going home from their first day at school.
"I'll see you again tomorrow…yeah?", Kelsey questioned.
"Definitely! You're my new best friend!", Gabby exclaimed.
They both laughed and walked to their buses.

Best friends.
 As Kelsey got on the bus, she thought to herself, "This is going to be a great school year!"

Hope that school goes well for everyone out there!


Chrissy said...

I love that bird shirt outfit!

JGKelsey said...

Kelsey is wearing an outfit from Our Generation. It actually comes with a light windbreaker type of jacket also. I like the birds on the shirt, so Kelsey didn't wear the jacket.

Becky said...

So glad Kelsey has a new friend

Becky said...

I haven't met Gabrielle. What can you tell us about her?

JGKelsey said...

Gabriella is an American Girl Doll (Just Like You doll) I bought from craigslist. Her joints are a little loose, but otherwise she is great! A wonderful friend for Kelsey.