Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kelsey Goes Camping

Journey Girl Kelsey Tries Out Her New Tent

Kelsey loves to be outdoors.  There are just so many great thing to do outside.  This weekend she went camping for probably the last time this season.  She just had to get out one more time before it got cold. Especially since she bought a brand new tent!

Kelsey sitting at her campsite.
 Before she set up camp, Kelsey sat by the lakeshore and enjoyed the calmness.  Then she threw rocks in the lake!  She laughed as the rocks splashed into the water.  She even tried to skip a few rocks, but wasn't very good at it.
Kelsey throwing rocks in the lake.
 Finally it was time to try out her new tent.  Kelsey took out her lantern to make sure that it worked.  She did not want to have it not work in the middle of the night.

Everything is ready.  Her sleeping bag is nice and comfortable, her lantern works.  Kelsey is ready to sit in her tent, watch the sunset over the lake, and then go to bed.

Kelsey is excited to see what adventures she can have tomorrow.  Maybe she'll go hiking, or search for shells by the lake, or climb a tree…or maybe she will do all three!

Kelsey is wearing a Journey Girls outfit.  Her new tent is from Target's Our Generation line.


Becky C said...

I have to say I really like this outfit . Especially that vest.

Wish it came in my size LOL!

Anonymous said...

awesome vest looks great!