Monday, October 6, 2014

Meredith's American Girl Doll Coat

Meredith try's out an American Girl winter coat

One of the great things about the Journey Girl line is that most other companies’ clothes fit them.  I decided that my girls needed some winter coats since they all live in the tundra of the Midwest.  Meredith is modeling last years American Girl “Pretty Pink Coat Set”.  I ended up getting this at the end of the season so it was half off (about $18).  American Girl has a new puffy jacket out for this year, but I didn’t like it as much.

Meredith in the "Pretty Pink Coat Set" by American Girl
“Pretty Pink Coat” comes with a light pink puffy coat and gray boots with a pink ribbon around them.  The coat has a nylon outside with “fur” around the hood and the wrists.  It has a gray ribbon that goes around Meredith’s waist.  The ribbon is sewn right to the coat.  Both the coat and the ribbon have Velcro at the front to fasten them.  The coat goes to about knee length on Meredith.  The coat does have a wonderful fur lined hood as well as fur around the cuffs.  I have to say that getting all of Meredith’s hair into it was a challenge.  Otherwise the coat fits well.  Meredith is wearing a t-shirt underneath the coat and it fits fine.  I’m not sure that a sweater or sweatshirt would fit.

Getting Meredith's hair in was a bit of a challenge

The boots have a plastic/rubber bottom with a stiffer fabric top.  The pink ribbons that wrap around the boots match the coat.  The back of the boots have a slit all the way down them that Velcros to make them easier to get off and on.  Journey Girls designers take note…this is how you make a boot.  There is no goofy gap at the back, like with all of the Journey Girl boots.  The boots fit great on Meredith.  Journey Girls’ feet are a little longer than American Girl dolls’, but they still fit wonderfully in the boots.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 9 – This coat is top notch as far as material and design.  It is very well made.  There are no loose threads, no extra glue…just good tailoring.  The coat feels and looks exactly like a coat that your little girl is going to wear!  It's very nice.  If you can find it on sale…but it.  At $36 it's a little too expensive for me.

Fitment 10 – The jacket fits perfectly on Meredith.  I had read online that the coat didn't allow for clothes underneath of it.  Because the Journey Girls are just a little smaller they can wear an outfit underneath the coat.  Be forewarned though, sweaters are hard to keep from scrunching up in the sleeves.

Versatility 7 – Well…it's a coat…and a winter coat at that.  It is a nice in between type of coat…meaning it's not too dressy and not too casual.  The boots are awesome.  They can be used with a lot of winter outfits.

Cuteness 9 – I love this coat.  It is a really cute length.  The fur hood is really cute.  And it is not overly pink!  I love pink, put too much pick is too much!  It's a great color with good accents and wonderful boots.

Overall 9 – A wonderful coat!  I will have reviews later of other coats that are available.  This is definitely my favorite of the ones I have.  I would give it an 8 if I had paid full price.  I think that it should come with ear muffs or mittens.  You are paying for the quality though.  And you get good quality and a cute coat!  Bundle up…it's going to be cold!

Meredith is all ready for winter in her American Girl coat.

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Nonna said...

I like this better than AG's new coat too!