Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Queen's Treasures Ball Gown

Jordanna’s Historic Dress From The Queen’s Treasures

One thing that I love about the American Girl dolls is their historical aspect.  The Journey Girls are very modern in comparison.  Sometimes girls need some old school style.  Today Jordanna is modeling the Colonial Ball Gown from The Queen’s Treasures.

Jordanna wearing The Queen's Treasures gorgeous Colonial Ball Gown.

The Colonial Ball Gown is a light yellow satin dress with white and black stripped ribbon around the bottom of the gown as well as around the waist.  There are two accent pieces of satin fabric with lace around the bottom of them on the front of the dress.  The outfit comes with a black velveteen wide brimmed hat with black and white stripped ribbon around it that matches the ribbon on the dress.  There is also a velveteen drawstring purse, a plastic hanger, and a clear garment bag.

This is a beautiful dress!  It’s long, the fabric is wonderful, the color is gorgeous, there is just the right amount of accents, and it is wonderfully made!  There is a tulle underskirt that helps keep the dress fluffed out.  The satin fabric stays out on its’ own, but the tulle gives it just a little more fluff. 

Jordanna showing the tulle underskirt of the dress.

The dress isn’t as intricit as Jordanna’s blue dress…but it is so pretty.   It is really a great period piece, that doesn’t neccasarily look like a period piece.  To me the dress looks like it could be an easter dress, or a “off to the races” dress, or just a classic ball gown.  I think this dress makes every doll look better!

The dress comes with a beautiful hat and a nice drawstring purse.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 9 – The Queen's Treasures has the dress listed at $29.99, which is a good price for the quality of the dress.  If you sign up for their newsletters they will send you notifications when things go on sale.  I got the dress for 40% off.  I great price for a dress of this quality.  I love the hat that comes with it and the purse is okay.  I wish it can with shoes, but I have plenty of black shoes that go with this dress.

Fitment 9 – All of the Queen's Treasures items are made for American Girl dolls.  Most of the thing are a little large on the Journey Girls.  I did not find the Colonial Ball Gown to be real loose on Jordanna.  The dress fits nicely and looks very good on her.  The hat fits perfectly.  This outfit fits better than most of the dresses from the Our Generation line.

Versatility 7 – With period pieces there is not a lot of versatility.  The hat can be used with other fancy outfits.  And the purse can be used with anything.  The dress, much like Jordanna's original dress, is formal enough to only be used for formal occasions.  As I said earlier, the dress has a few more options other than just a ball, but it is still limited.  Let me be honest though…who cares!  You buy a dress like this to have a beautiful ball gown!

Cuteness 10 – This dress is wonderful!  My favorite photos of Jordanna are in this dress (her shoot at the Historic House).  It's a beautiful dress that is very elegant.  It is beautiful without frills.  I think the yellow color is perfect.  I love seeing beautiful dresses in colors other than pink!

Overall 9 – If you like dresses for your dollsthis is one to pick up!  I love the quality and craftsmanship of this dress.  All the stitching is top notch, the fabric is wonderful, and the detail is great.  I love that it comes with a beautiful hat and a little purse.  I love that the dress is full length.  I love the color!  It's just awesome!  Give your doll some old school class and buy her this dress!

Jordanna looks wonderful in this dress!


Nonna said...

This is on sale on Zulily today too!

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I love this dress!

And of course I love the hat!

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WOW !!!!!