Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Journey Girls Go to the Mall

Jordanna, Chavonne, Kyla, and Callie stop by the outdoor mall.

Four of the girls decided to get together and hang out at the outdoor mall.  There are lots of great stores…but they mostly window shopped.

Chavonne, Kyla, and Jordanna hanging out at the mall.
The girls took turns taking pictures of each other as they explored the shops.

Callie relaxing on a light post.
Jordanna looking cute.
Kyla is pretty in her purple dress.
Chavonne loves the fragrant white pom-pom flowers.
Callie in a field of flowers.

None of them found anything to buy, but they sure had fun walking around and photographing each other.

All of the outfits are from Target's Our Generation line.

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Lalaboobaby said...

I have one J.G. doll so far, Chavonne. She is beautiful with her hair being my favorite part. Her face surrounded by all those curls make her photogenic. My pictures of her always turn our beautiful. I hope to get Callie for Christmas.