Friday, September 5, 2014

Meredith Stops and Smells the Flowers

Meredith in a Clover Field

Meredith loves to go outside.  Usually it is to play soccer, baseball, lacrosse, go biking, or anything else that is fun.  Today she went out just to relax and take in the scenery.  She wore her pretty pink polk-a-dot dress from Our Generation as she went out looking for flowers.

Meredith finds some daffodils.
 Meredith loves going on walks, because there is always something new to see.  Just a few weeks earlier these daffodils were not blooming.  Now look how beautiful they are.

Meredith trying to decide which clover flower is the prettiest.
She comes upon a sea of green and white and decides that she must find the perfect clover flower to bring home.  Meredith loves the smell of the clover.  It may not be the prettiest flower, but it is cute.  And she can always find it everywhere.  Plus the flowers are just the right size for her.

Meredith sits in the clover patch and decides which clover flowers to take home.  As she looks around she notices that some of them actually have a hint of pink in the flower.  She definitely picked the right outfit to wear.

Meredith smiles for the camera
 She just can't decide which ones to pick, finally deciding to leave the flowers there for the next person to enjoy.  What a wonderful day to be out and enjoy some wild flowers.

Meredith enjoying the day
Do you have a favorite wild flower?  Dandelion? Thistle? Or maybe another?


Jo said...

Meredith looks so pretty!

JGKelsey said...

Thanks Jo. I really love this outfit on Meredith.