Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Miss Western" Our Generation Outfit Review

Our Generation and Journey Girls

The Our Generation line from Target has a huge variety of different clothes for 18” dolls.  Today I am reviewing a really cute western outfit titled "Miss Western".  The outfit usually costs around $12.99.  This is Target’s cheaper line of outfits.  This means the outfit is not quite as intricate, the material is usually just cotton, and it may not have as many accessories.

Journey Girl Dana in her "Miss Western" outfit

This outfit includes a teal cotton dress with a white under skirt, a pair of plastic red boots, a brown leather head band with leather flowers on it, and a jean jacket (although, really it’s more of a jean vest than a jacket).  The dress has a white stitched floral pattern on it, breaking up the monotony of one color.  At the bottom of the dress there is slight ruffle before the white underskirt. Finally, there are two flower shaped buttons at the top of the dress near the neckline for decoration.

The "Miss Western" outfit includes boots, a dress, vest, and headband.
The dress is more form fitting than any of the other Our Generation outfit.  It looks like it could have been made for the Journey Girls.  I like the color, the little ruffle at the bottom, and the white underskirt.  This is one of my favorite casual dresses, especially for Dana.  There is nothing bad about the dress.

The goofy jean vest thingy.

The same can not be said about the jean jacket.  It is goofy!  It’s not really a jacket, it’s not a shrug, maybe it’s a vest.  I go back and forth on the color of it.  Sometimes I like the color with the dress, sometimes I don’t.  Most of the time Dana does not wear it.  I just don’t feel like it really belongs with the dress.  It does work well with other casual outfits though.

Dana is able to walk due to the boots

I like the boots…most of the time.  The red is a little “in your face”.  However, I do appreciate that Our Generation didn’t just give you the same old brown boot.  The boots are big on Dana, because they don’t have a slit in them like the Journey Girl boots do.  I personally like that they have no slit.  It makes them more difficult to get on, and they have to be bigger, but the fact that they still look like boots from the back, makes up for that.  The boots are wonderful for helping the girls stand.  I was actually able to pose Dana as she walked with relative ease.  I do wish that they were made out of a different material, but the plastic works.

Dana's headband
Lastly, the headband.  Usually I would just say…"this outfit comes with a headband"…but this headband is really nice.  It's not flashy, which I like.  It is very functional, especially with helping to hold Dana's glasses on.  It often times blends into her hair, so it's not as noticeable as some of the other headbands.  The brown goes with just about anything.  It's a great headband!

All ratings are out of 10

Value 7 – The dress itself is great.  It is well worth the money.  The boots are very cute, they just aren't my favorite with this outfit.  They do work well with other outfits though.  The same can be said about the jean vest.  I don't particularly like it, but it can work well with other outfits.

Fitment 9 – This outfit is one of the better fitting outfits from Our Generation.  Since the Journey Girls are skinnier not all of the outfits that Our Generation makes fit well.  This is a great fit and a great outfit.  Even the boots (though loose) fit right for boots.

Versatility 8 – As I mentioned before the boots and the vest can both be used with other outfits pretty easily.   I think the vest is the more useful piece.  It will be a great addition to use with t-shirt outfits.  The dress is fairly casual, but it's not strictly a sundress.  So it could be used at school or just hanging out or out for a walk.  The headband is awesome!  You can use it with just about anything.

Cuteness 8 – I really like this dress on Dana.  To me she looks the best it in.  Meredith also looks good in it.  I really like the stitching on it and the added little underdress.  

Overall 8 – This is one of my favorite casual dresses for the Journey Girls.  I like that it fits so well, the color is great, and the detail is nice.  I would love to see a few
different accessories, but I do like the boots and vest, just not with this dress so much.  Worth the money, especially if you can find it on sale!


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