Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chavonne's Sunny Day

Chavonne Enjoys the Sun and Flowers

Chavonne has really enjoyed the last few weeks of weather here.  Beautiful 80 degree temperatures, a light breeze, the sun shining on her face…what more could a girl ask for in a day.  Chavonne was up early on this day.  She walked in the high grass as the sun rose behind her.

Chavonne walking through the high grass in the morning

The dew was heavy, but felt nice on her toes.  And the heat on her back from the sun shining down was like a warm embrace.

Chavonne saw a beautiful crab apple tree and decided to climb it.  Up she went to the first branch, which happened to be a perfect branch for sitting on.  She kicked her feet up and relaxed for awhile.  The smell from the apple blossoms was amazing.  She could stay here all day.

Chavonne taking in the sights from a crab apple tree.
Next she came to a beautiful hill, full of dandelions.  She wanted to run up the hill and then…roll down the hill as fast as she could, but she decided not to.  Instead she took a stroll along the bottom of the hill.

Chavonne strolling along in the dandelions.

Chavonne is so cute in her sundress!
The dandelions were so pretty she decided to sit down and pick some of them.  Maybe she would give them to her mom later.  Moms always like flowers!

Chavonne sitting down to pick some flowers.

 Chavonne is wearing an outfit from the Our Generation collection at Target.  It is one of the regular outfits, retailing for $12.99.  Her hair bow is from her original outfit.  Chavonne hopes you all get out and enjoy some nice weather.

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Cassandra said...

Wow what a wonderful morning for Chavonne! I'm impressed that she can climb trees and everything without getting a spot on her dress ! LOL!