Friday, August 1, 2014

Meredith and Callie Go Skating

Journey Girls Just Hanging Out

The Journey Girls love to hang out with each other.  Meredith and Callie decide to spend a day skating and skateboarding around the neighborhood.  

Meredith hangs out by the light post, waiting for Callie.

Meredith on her skateboard.
While she waits, Meredith skates around a little.  She loves skateboarding.  She's practicing to learn some awesome tricks!

Callie is hurriedly skating to meet Meredith.

Callie hurries to the spot she is meeting Meredith at.  She laces up her skates nice and tight.  Callie picked can't wait to show her new skates off to Meredith.  She thinks that Meredith will really like the colorful wheels.

Callie and Meredith getting ready to go skating.
Callie likes her skates, but Meredith is more adventurous and is on her skateboard.  Callie shows Meredith her colorful new skates, which she loves.  It makes Meredith think of getting multi-colored wheels for her skateboard.  The girls decide, enough talking…let's skate!

Meredith and Callie skating near the park.
They end up skating around until the come to a playground.  Skating is awesome…but the playground is even better.  Off to play on the play equipment.

Callie showing off her moves.
Meredith and Callie are wearing American Girl Outfits.  Look for reviews of these outfits in the coming months!

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Cassandra said...

Sure looks like these girls are having fun skating and skate boarding. But as any good parent knows these girls should be wearing helmets !