Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pick of the Glitter Our Generation Outfit

Our Generation Outfit Review

Today I am reviewing another Our Generation outfit from Target.   This dress is one of the deluxe outfits and is normally priced around $16.99.  The Our Generation outfits have cute names that are on the back of the boxes.  This one is called “Pick of the Glitter”. 

It is a satin, salmon-pink colored bubble dress (has an elastic bottom, rather than free flowing) with flowers at the top, that comes with an embroidered shawl, a glittery circular head band with a flower on it, a silver flower purse, a pair of silver glitter shoes, and the Our Generation hanger.

The dress is a nice semi-formal dress.  It comes to knee level on Kelsey.  It has straps on the shoulders.  The dress looks really great on the Journey Girls dolls since they have the upper vinyl breastplate.  I really like the fabric “rosettes” that are on the top of the dress.  I think that they are just the right size for this dress.  I don’t really like the cut of the dress (the bubble style is kind of like a high empire waist with an elastic cinch at the bottom of the dress…giving it a bubble look).  

I would have liked to see it more free flowing at the bottom, but then it wouldn’t be a bubble dress.  The dress has Velcro up the back to make it easy to get you Journey Girls dolls in and out.

Accessories really make this outfit.  Even though the embroidered shawl feels a little old ladyish, it really helps this outfit.  I feel like the shawl is a little too long.  The embroidering is very nice and helps bring the silver in from the shoes and the purse.  

Speaking of the purse…wow!  That thing is neat.  I like the flower on it.  I think it goes with the theme from the dress well and is not too big and obnoxious.  My favorite part about the purse is that it is usable!  It has a zipper that works and the bag is big enough to put some doll accessories in it.  

The glitter shoes are very cute.  I like the pink accents to tie them into the dress.  I wish the shoes were not just fabric, that they had a hard sole of some type.  And even though I love the glitter look…I hate finding glitter all over everything.  Not a lot of glitter is coming off, but you will have some sparkle on you if you pick a doll up with these shoes on.  

The headband is one that goes all the way around Kelsey’s head and has elastic in the back.  Again this will shed some glitter on you.  It is really cute though with its’ pink flower.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 10 – This is a well put together outfit.  The embroidery on the shawl is awesome.  There are no loose stitches or threads.  The outfit comes with some great accessories that make the dress feel complete.  At $16.99 it is a good buy.  Watch for sales though.  I bought mine for under $12.00!

Fitment 8 – As with other Our Generation outfits this one is a little loose.  You really don’t notice the looseness though because of the style of the dress.  One shoe is a bit tight.  I thought Kelsey might have one foot that was a little bigger than the other, but I switched feet and it was still tight.  Even on some of the other girls the one shoe was always tight.  Headband fits wonderfully.

Versatility 7 – This is a going out dress.  The accessories that come with it are very universal though.  The purse is awesome and can go with a lot of other outfits.  The head band is very versatile, with its’ silver and pink colors.   Because the shoes have a pink strap they may not be able to go with every outfit, but they are still very useful.  The shawl will probably stay with the dress for the most part.  At this point I don’t have any other outfits I can see using it with.

Cuteness 8 – I want to like this outfit more.  It is very cute, it comes with great accessories…I just am not crazy about the bubble effect.  That is just personal preference though.  The outfit is very cute and looks great on most of the girls.

Overall 8 – If you are looking for a semi-formal dress this is one that you should have.  I love the color, the detail of the rosettes, the embroidery on the shawl, and the glitter (even though it stays on you sometimes).  This is a modern princess dress, elegant, sparkly, and cute.  It is a great outfit for your Journey Girls.  Keep your eye out for sales and grab this one when you see it!

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A girl and her dolls said...

WOW! that is a beautiful outfit. those shoes are gorgeous!