Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our Generations Little Pink Dress Review

Our Generation Dress Review for Journey Girls

I love spring and summer; beautiful weather, vacations, and cute dresses.  Our Generation released a dress that is perfect for spring stroll through the flowers.  This pink dress is called “Let’s Hear it for the Poise.”  It is a cotton pink polka dot (who doesn’t love polka dots?) dress with a tulle underskirt, and a mint green ribbon around the waist.  It also comes with a brown elastic headband that has a mint green fabric rose attached to it, a white sweater, and pink fabric shoes.

The dress is wonderful!  It is a fun dress, with bright colors, and a retro feel to it.  The dress is made very well.  It is a heavier cotton material.  The tulle underskirt helps keep the dressed puffed out. It has Velcro up the back to secure it.  This dress is big on the Journey Girls, but as you can see, it looks great on Kyla.  No hint that it is a little big.

My only disappointment with the dress is its pretty mint bow.  It does not stay tied.  The ribbon is sewn to the dress so that it doesn’t fall off, but it is sewn in a way that the bow is always at a goofy angle.  I’ve tried tying the bow several different ways and each time…it comes out a little wonky.  It seems to fall out every few times of playing with the dress.  So, if your little girl cannot quite tie a bow yet, be prepared to tie this one for her often.

The sweater is very nice.  I like the dress without the sweater, but it is nice to have.  If nothing else it is always great to have it for other outfits.  When the sweater is one the dress takes on a retro look.

I love the headband.  It is the type that goes around Kyla’s whole head.  If you wanted to you could use it as a ponytail holder.  The fabric rose on it is pretty and not too large.  It does a great job of making the ribbon on Kyla’s dress pop.

The shoes…are the not so liked fabric shoes.  This time they are a shiny vinyl type of fabric.  I think the issue I have with the fabric shoes, is not that they are fabric, but that they all look the same.  The all look like slippers to me.  They go well with the outfit and fit will.  So I shouldn’t really complain.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 9 – Like most of the Our Generation deluxe outfits, this one comes with good accessories.  The quality of everything in the package is very good.  And, if you watch for it, you can pick this outfit up for less than $13.  That is awesome!

Fitment 8 – Overall everything fits well.  The dress is big on Kyla, but it isn’t frumpy.  It’s big in the waist, which doesn’t really matter on this dress.

Versatility 9 – I love the variety of things you can do with this dress and it’s accessories.  The sweater can go with a myriad of other outfits.  The shoes, even though not my favorite, can go with other outfits.  The headband works well with some things.  It’s the least versatile accessory.  The dress itself can look very springy; a good dress to run through the fields in.  Or it can look like an Easter dress.  Or with the sweater it looks like a throw back outfit.

Cuteness 9 – This is a very cute dress.  It showcases the little girl in the Journey Girls.  Some of the outfits make the girls look more mature, but this one reminds me of how cute they are. 

Overall 9 – I think this is one of my favorites (at least until they come out with new dresses).  I love how versatile it is.  I love the colors.  It looks great on every doll.  It has very few flaws.  I wish that they had sewn the bow so that it wouldn’t fall out, but that is really not a big deal.

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