Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our Generation "Twinkle Rose" Outfit

Our Generation Outfit Review

The outfit that I am reviewing today is named “Twinkle Rose”,  from the Our Generation, deluxe line of clothes.  The dress has three layers of fabric for the skirt, all made out of a tulle like material.  The top of the dress is a satin material with tulle flowers (rosettes) all over the front.  It has tulle shoulder pads.  The outfit includes pink tights, some mauve fabric shoes, and a matching plastic headband.

I love this outfit!  Especially on Kelsey.  Because the outfit is not made for the Journey Girls it is a little loose.  The dress itself is a little big, but it doesn’t fall off.  It is just not as form fitting as the white lace dress that Journey Girls makes.  The tights fit well.  They stay on better on some of the dolls than others.  My Kelsey doesn’t have as much stuffing as Kyla does, so the tights slide down a little on Kelsey.   They don’t fall down on their own, but Kelsey’s bum will show if she is played with and the tights aren’t pulled up every once in awhile.

The headband fits nicely on Kelsey’s head and does a great job of holding her hair in place.  It is a cute headband too, matching the sparkly tulle and ribbon that adorn the dress.

I am not super crazy about the shoes.  For one thing they make it difficult to stand Kelsey up once she is wearing them.  The entire shoe is fabric, including the sole.  They are also a little tight on her feet.  I guess I would rather have than a little tight, than a little loose.  The thing I really don’t like is that they have a gold toe.  There is no gold on any part of the dress.  Maybe it is supposed to make the shoes look fancy.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 9 – I was not sure about the quality of the stitch work for the Our Generation clothes when I first bought this outfit, but I can tell you it is very good.  American Girl is better.  I would say that the quality is a little below the Journey Girls line.  The tulle is not hemmed at the ends for example.  Target is great about putting their Our Generation items on sale.  So I got this out fit for less then $12.  That is a great value!

Fitment 8 – The shoes are a bit snug.  The tights fit pretty well, but may fall down when the doll is played with.  The dress is loose, but does not look baggy.  The headband fits perfectly!  The sizing is common for all of the Our Generation outfits.  I am okay with it, but if you want something that is tailor made for our Journey Girl, but from Toys R Us or get it from Etsy.

Versatility 6 – This dress is really only a fancy dress.  Kelsey could wear it to a more formal party, or maybe a recital, but not just out with the other girls.  The shoes would be a good offset look for an outfit, but will not match many things.  The headband does work for some other things…but not many.  The tights are the most versatile part of the outfit.  I have used them for many other outfits.

Cuteness 9 – I really like this outfit.  I especially like it on Kelsey. Callie and Kyla also look good in it.  I love the tights.  I usually switch the shoes out so that she can stand better.  I think this is an elegantly playful dress.  Not as formal as Jordanna’s blue gown, and not quite as casual as the Journey Girls white lace dress.

Overall 8 – This is an outfit that can not be used for every occasion.  It is a very pretty semi-formal dress.  The design is delicate and detailed.  I love the flower pattern on the top of the dress.  I like the tulle as the dress and on the shoulders.  I wish it was made specifically for the Journey Girls so it wasn’t quite so loose.  I wish it had different shoes.  Overall this is a wonderful dress, and is a great alternative to Journey Girls brand dresses.

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