Saturday, July 5, 2014

Jordanna's Historic House Visit

Jordanna in a Colonial Ball Gown

I found a great historical style dress, named a Colonial Ball Gown, from The Queen's Treasures.  This dress is gorgeous, and Jordanna looks beautiful in it.  To show off this beautiful dress, Jordanna visited the local historic house in our area.

The dress is made for American Girl dolls, which means it is a little bit big…but not too bad.  The dress is made of a light yellow heavy satin material.  It has black lack around the neckline.  There is black stripping at the bottom of the dress as an accent and matching accent around the waist.  This same stripped accent is on the included velvet hat.  It is a wonderfully put together dress.  Look for a review of it later.  For now Jordanna is just going to model.

Leaning against the entry arch.

Jordanna looks very proper as she sits on the garden bench.  

Welcome to my house.  Please, come in!  

There is nothing better then the smell of flowers and the bright warm sun on our face.

It can't be home without a white picket fence.

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Cassandra said...

Wow! Love the pix.

This dress is beautiful on her. I absolutely love the hat. Wish it came in my size LOL!