Sunday, July 6, 2014

Journey Girls New Outfits Released

Toys R Us Released 4 New Outfits

Well it is a busy day this Sunday! As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Toys R Us has raised the price of the Journey Girls Dolls to $39.99. When I checked that week, both my local store and online had the same price. Today I was at two different Toys R Us and both had the Journey Girls Dolls at $36.99. Yea!

I also found new outfits! Toys R Us released 4 new outfits for the London line. I picked up two of them. The green dress and one of the casual outfits. 

I unfortunately did not have my phone with me to take photos of the other two sets (and there is nothing online about them). One is a red silk shirt with shorts and fishnet-like stockings. The second was a great casual set with red pants and sweater.

Oh….and did I mention there is a coupon out right now for the Journey Girls outfits. $5 off any outfit. Here is the coupon.

I really like both of these outfits. They are different than anything I have seen before.   The green dress looks almost like it is made out of a corduroy fabric…or mane a stretch fabric.  I like that it has the sweater also.  The outfit adds some much needed color to the Journey Girls line of clothes.

The second outfit reminds me of a horse riding outfit…but it is super cute.  Until now I was not overly excited about the casual outfits in the London line.  This outfit makes up for some of the other ones.  The pink checked shirt is very feminine.  The black leggings are awesome and very versatile as are the boots and the brown vest!  

I'm excited to find out what these are like when I get them out of the boxes.  I'll hopefully have a review of them in the next few weeks.

The last thing I noted was the photo on the back of the box.  I have the white lace dress that came out when the new London line of dolls did.  On the back of that box it has a photo of the girls in their London meet (the outfit the doll comes with) outfits.  This is the photo from the back of these outfits.

Chavonne and Callie are in their meet outfits, but the other four are in completely different outfits.  And they are not the outfits from the outfit collection.  In a closer view you can see the outfits better.

Does this mean that they will have another wave of dolls?  Or just another wave of outfits?  Either way I am excited!  I love the outfits Kelsey and Dana are wearing.  

One last things to note.  To me, it looks like Kyla has a face re-sculpt.  Kyla has looked exactly like Meredith and Kelsey in the past, only with a darker skin tone.  In this picture it looks like she has a total different face sculpt.  That would be interesting.  Callie also looks a little different.  The best thing that could happen is that we get a new sculpt of Kyla and the release another special edition Jordanna doll!

What do you think?


KAF FRUM said...

This version arrived in Australia this month, well Meredith and Kyla did anyway, in my area. Kyla's face has changed, I thought Merediths had as well, it is very slight if it has.
I got Kyla

JGKelsey said...

Thanks for the comment!
I checked your blog out. You are definitely right, Kyla has a new face mold. I can't quite tell if Meredith does…and Callie looks different on the picture also. I can't wait to get them here in the states. I really hope that they release another Jordanna doll (did you notice that on the back of the doll packaging they have 7 "real" girls in the photo…meaning Jordanna is with them in London!). We can only hope!

KAF FRUM said...

I hadn't noticed the humans until I read I think it was Jessica Grays blog. I agree another Jordanna would be greate, she was so awesome last year, a princess maybe. Hmm I wonder if Kyla's new face was to try and make her look a bit like Princess Kate, hmm maybe (or not)