Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dana's Day of Fun

Out and About With Dana and Her Pets

Dana is the animal lover in the Journey Girl group.  She loves all animals big or small.   She loves to try and help find animals good homes.  Today Dana is helping a friend by taking her dog out for a walk.

Dana was up bright and early to take Buster for a walk.  Buster loves to walk on the path, but he can get a little excited when he sees another dog.

After taking Buster for a walk, Dana decides that today is a good day to visit her horse, Whitney.  stays at a farm near Dana.  Dana can go see Whitney any time she wants, as long as mom and dad can bring her there.   Whitney is out in the grassy fields, roaming around and eating the tall grass.  

Dana leads Whitney out of the field onto a trail that they can go riding on.  Whitney is a great horse and listens well to Dana.

Whitney really wants to run as fast as she can, but Dana likes to see the scenery, so they take it easy and go slow.  It is a beautiful day out; the air is fresh, the sun is shining, wonderful!

The trail takes them through the woods, next to a stream.  Whitney stops to get a drink, before the continue on.  Dana loves being on this trail.  It's nice and quiet.

Whitney sees a flower she wants to eat and goes into some of the taller plants.  Dana doesn't mind.  The flowers are pretty and Whitney is a good horse; she deserves a little treat.

After riding for a while Dana brings Whitney back to the stables, cleans her up, and then goes home.  Waiting at her house is a playful husky named Max.  He is so excited to see Dana he knocks her on her bottom.  Max gives Dana lots of doggy kisses.

Max finally settles down, while Dana pets him.  Dana loves her animals, and they love her!

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Cassandra said...

Wow! Dana had a very busy day with all her animal friends :)