Saturday, August 9, 2014

Our Generation Sundress

Out in the Sun: a Review of the Our Generation Sundress

Target gets a lot of my money!  Their Our Generation line of clothes for 18” dolls has a huge variety of clothes and changes quite often.  I found this outfit, called “Sweet in the Heat”, this spring for $12.99.  It is one of their normal fashion sets.

The set comes with a white and green-stripped sundress, a straw sun hat, and pink plastic shoes.  It is a smaller set that is fairly simple, hence the smaller price.

As I’ve stated before, the Our Generation outfits are loose on the Journey Girls.  This dress is no exception.  Since it is a sundress…you really can’t tell though.  The dress is a light cotton material. It is white with green stripes running vertically.  The top is smocked and is empire waisted.  I really like the fabric flower on the waist to add some accent.  I love the pink stitching.  It gives the dress another color and makes it stand out.

The hat fits great.  It fits on top of Kelsey’s head really well.  It can be angled back or to the side.  I have a straw hat for another outfit that is a little bigger and it can’t sit on top of the Journey Girls’ heads.  I wish that the hat had a ribbon or a cloth flower or something to make it feel like it was really a part of the outfit.  I would have also liked a more flexible brim, but I’m sure on a small scale that is difficult to do.

I do not like the shoes that come with this outfit!  No sandals?  This is the perfect outfit for some cute sandals.  I do like the pink, since it matches the pink stitching.  The shoes are horribly wide on Kelsey’s feet.  That’s to be expected since they are designed for American Girl dolls, which have a little wider feet.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 8 – The craftsmanship of this cute little sundress is very good.  There is good attention to detail.  The pink stitching is a great accent as well as the fabric flower.  The straw hat is great.  My only complaint is the shoes.

Fitment 8 – Overall everything fits well.  The sundress is loose, but not baggy, and it looks just right for a sundress.  The hat fits great.  Again the shoes are wide, but they do fit.

Versatility 7 – Very cute sundress, but that is it.  That hat can be used for beach outfits or garden outfits.  With a few flowers and some ribbon it could become a really great Sunday hat.  The shoes can probably go with other outfits, but I don’t like them enough to use them with other outfits.

Cuteness 8 – I won’t mention the shoes.  The dress is very cute.  I love it on Kelsey, Kyla, Chavonne, and Callie.  I really like the smocked top and the accents on the dress.  Overall a very cute outfit.

Overall 7 – This is a wonderful spring and summer dress.  Kelsey has been out in the flowers with it on, tree climbing, and frolicking in the sun.  It is a cute dress, with a nice hat.  I wish there were a few things different with the set (namely the shoes!!!), but I would definitely suggest getting this outfit.

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Cassandra said...

Love the dress. Perfect for playing outside enjoying the sunshine. I have to agree, I don't care for the shoes. Then again when I was a young girl like Kelsey, I would be kicking off my shoes and running barefoot in the grass My guess is Kelsey want to do the same